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Version 0.6.4

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@hmatuschek hmatuschek released this 30 Mar 17:46
· 877 commits to master since this release

Bugfix and feature release

  • Implemented callsign database generation and upload for AnyTone AT-D878UV
  • Fixed display and editing of channel power settings.
  • Implemented cloning of channels (Thanks to @hexagonal-sun for the hint).
  • Implemented talk group database and auto-completion.
  • Fixed number of contacts in group lists for AT-D878UV (thanks @reald)
  • Reveng and implemented boot time settings field for AT-D878UV.
  • Qdmr now remembers last directory used.
  • Store/restore column widths for all table views.
  • Added short-cuts for many operations.
  • Implmented table/list search.
  • Added auto-generation of roaming zones from selected group calls.
  • Implemented multiple selection for all tables.