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Version 0.7.0

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@hmatuschek hmatuschek released this 21 Apr 16:21
· 836 commits to master since this release

Feature release:

  • Added support for AnyTone AT-D878UVE.
  • Removed Ctrl+U/Ctrl+D shortcuts to avoid accidental upload/download.
  • Fixed config writer for GPS/APRS settings.
  • Fixed config reader for GPS/APRS settings.
  • Fixed RD-5R upload.
  • Fixed general settings encoding for AnyTone AT-D878UV according to @reald reverse engineering.
  • Fixed scan list decoding for AnyTone AT-D878UV.
  • Added frequency limits for all radios.
  • Set 'amateur mode' for AT-D878UV by default. Enables all menu items.
  • Fixed codeplug decoding for UV390/RT3S, especially for non-GPS radios.