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Version 0.9.1

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@hmatuschek hmatuschek released this 06 Nov 14:57
· 447 commits to master since this release

This is the release of version 0.9.1. It is basically a rewrite of the internal core library that implements assembly and decoding of binary codeplugs and the abstract device-independent codeplug representation.

Changelog (since version 0.8.1):

  • Rewrite of codeplug representation, allows to extend generic device-independent codeplug representation for device specific settings.
  • New codeplug file format (YAML based). Also allows for device-specific settings to be strored.
  • Rewrite of binary codeplug encoding/decoding. Allows to extend existing codeplugs and codeplug elements by just implementing the differences. This makes the cumbersome encoding/decoding of device specific settings feasible.
  • Added support for the TyT MD-2017.
  • Added TyT MD-390 support.
  • Added Hide/Show Commercial Features flag to settings dialog. This shows/hides the radio ID list (in ham radio you will only need one DMR ID).
  • Cleanup of GUI. Some minor GUI cleanup things.
  • Added unified device names and --list-radios option for command line tool.
  • Fixed call-sign DB entry for OpenGD77.
  • Added band information to repeater database, showing it in auto-completer.