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"Third Place" Javascript Library for Stack Exchange Chat Userscripts
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"Third Place" Javascript Library for Stack Exchange Chat Userscripts. Listed on Stack Apps

Screenshot / Code Snippet

Screen Capture

var room = ThirdPlace.Room.GetCurrentRoom();
var message = new ThirdPlace.Message;
message.room_id =;
message.content = "ThirdPlace.js is a library which abstracts some of the concepts of the SE Chat system (the \"Third Place\") into easy to use JavaScript objects.";;
message.content += " You can find it over at StackApps.";;


ThirdPlace.js is a library which abstracts some of the concepts of the SE Chat system (the "Third Place") into easy to use JavaScript objects. It's still very much a work in progress, but it is functional. When complete, almost all parts of chat should have ThirdPlace objects associated with them, allowing others to create event-driven UserScripts without having to reverse-engineer chat. For example, running code when a user enters / leaves a room, when messages are posted / edited, when notifications happen, etc, will all be as simple as observing events on ThirdPlace. In addition, posting/editing messages, joining rooms, and more will all be able to be done through a simple set of objects. (See code sample)


This is free software released under the MIT license.


Current version v0.6a available from my website. Also available on GitHub

Posting of messages and observing new message events both confirmed to work. Other events coming soon!

Release Notes

  • v0.6a:
    • Added a 1 second poll for new events; this makes ThirdPlace work with the new WebSockets based chat system. Event firing should work again!
    • Made ThirdPlace.debug default to false, this should eliminate "console.log.apply is not a function" errors. Set ThirdPlace.debug = true; to enable debugging.


Currently tested on Chrome. Should work on Safari and Firefox as well.


This library was created and is maintained by Joshua Gitlin a.k.a The Unhandled Exception. You can contact me via my website or via email at thirdplace -at- josh -dot- gitlin -dot- name


This library was built with snippits of code from Tim Stone and includes chunks of Prototype.js including the Class implementation. If others with to develop it, contact me and I will set up a repo.

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