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These are some PCBs I designed and my personal EAGLE parts library.
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= PCB-Designs                                                        =
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From time to time I sit down and design some circuitry that can be
used for multiple purposes, a component if you will. The designs for
these PCBs are stored in this project (or at least those I feel 
confident to share).



This design features a small PCB with an 74HC595 shift register
at it's heart. Multiple modules of these can be connected together
to form a shift register cascade. The register connects to an
ULN2803A Darlington Array sink driver whose outputs are available
as a 9 port screw header (8 ports + VCC connector).
As should be obvious from the design, this module can only be used
for sink switching, as it requires fewer and more common parts than
a similar design for source switching.


Contains libraries for use with Cadsoft Eagle. These libraries 
contain parts and packages I added myself for components that 
are not contained in the stock libraries.


The Pixel is a small board that puts three 5mm LEDs in series with a
SMD resistor to create a larger light source than a single LED. The Pixel 
is supposed to be powered by 12 Volts and outfitted with three high 
brightness LEDs. The pixel is a good alternative to power LEDs in
terms of price, power consumption and temperature management.

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