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Registered Components does not appear in context menu #57

borismod opened this Issue Sep 15, 2013 · 3 comments


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I am using Autofac with automatic registration:

var builder = new ContainerBuilder();
builder.RegisterAssemblyTypes(typeof (BuildRunner).Assembly) .AsImplementedInterfaces();

Agent Mulder is running and I can navigate from registered classes to the point of registration using an icon "Registered by Autofac (click to navigate)".


hmemcpy commented Sep 15, 2013

Hi Boris,

Sorry, I should have mentioned it in the release notes more visibly - this feature ("Navigate to Registered Components") is currently disabled due to performance reasons...

I'll try to fix it very soon!


Thanks for quick reply. Agent Mulder still rules! It solves the most annoying problem of "Class x is never used"


hmemcpy commented Sep 15, 2013

Thanks for the kind words!

Very glad it's working for you :)

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