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Music Card

Place a Spotify, SoundCloud or Bandcamp link to an album or track in a markdown file and it will beautifully pull in the necessary data.

This uses jwilsson's Spotify Web API PHP library to interface with the Spotify API,w and Lokesh's Color Thief to retrieve colors from the album artwork.

The plan is to eventually support MusicBrainz links for albums that aren't on Spotify.


Spotify Album:


Greys Greys - Hover

Spotify Track:


Thrice Thrice - Hover

SoundCloud Track:


Speak Speak - Hover

Bandcamp Album:


The Hotelier The Hotelier - Hover


  1. Create a Spotify Application.

  2. Create a SoundCloud Application.

  3. Copy this whole directory to your user/plugins directory.

  4. In the plugins settings, fill in the Client ID, Client Secret, and Redirect URI from your Spotify Application.


Thanks to the Grav Team for writing the MediaEmbed plugin. I used this as a template to get things running at first