Docker container with Tesseract 4.00, Python 2.7 and TesserOCR python bindings
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A docker container based on hmmbug/tesseract with Tesseract 4.00 (alpha), Python 2.7 and the tesseroct python bindings.

This container has been produced for the Digital Bangkok Recorder Project.


Run a python script

docker run --name tesserocr -v appdir:/work -w work hmmbug/tesserocr arg1 ... argn


  • 'appdir' is the local directory containing the app code which will be mounted in the container
  • '' is the script to run
  • arg1 ... argn are the arguments to provide to the script

Run an interactive shell

docker run --rm -ti hmmbug/tesserocr /bin/sh

Other options

docker run hmmbug/tesserocr [-h|-t]
  • -h Print the usage text
  • -t Run the test script


A shell alias can be a convenient way to run the container:

alias tesserocr='docker run --rm -v \`pwd\`:/work -w /work hmmbug/tesserocr'

Then just run:

$ tesserocr -t
hmmbug/tesserocr test script

Software versions:
     python: 2.7.13
  tesseract: 4.00.00alpha
  leptonica: leptonica-1.74
  tesserocr: 2.2.0-beta

   Image: hello_world.png
Expected: Hello world.
  Actual: Hello world.
  Result: OK (0.266s)

   Image: quick_fox.png
Expected: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
  Actual: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
  Result: OK (0.756s)


Test script

The supplied test script loads a list of image files and performs OCR on them and then checks the actual output from the expected output.

Current tests:

  • hello_world.png: Hello world.
  • quick_fox.png: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog