A quick python script to analyze how fast charging works
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Data Analysis


A quick analysis of Quick Charge 2.0 performance


  1. data collected using LTC2943 Breakout board thanks to zapta +ATmega328 Xplained Mini from Atmel/Microchip and 0.024Ohm 1% shunt resistor on the Charger side
  2. Original Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger was used for the tests
  3. This data was not acquired on the battery side as it was harder to instrument without permanently damaging the end device
  4. This data does not take into consideration the 'magic' happening on the battery side
  5. The charge data is not neceesarily accurate, but is included to provide an idea an estimate of the performance. The charge data does not take into consideration the losses in the battery charge regulator circuit on the smartphone

Results: Results