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This contains configuration for bobby for open repositories


Jenkins job must be run in order for these changes to be applied

Deprecated Dependencies

This is a json file containing the list of all the deprecated libraries in MDTP. The file name is 'deprecated-dependencies.json'

The format is an array of JSON objects of the form:

       "organisation" : "", 
       "name"         : "sbt-auto-build", 
       "range"        : "(,0.8.0)", 
       "reason"       : "Previous versions didn't work correctly", 
       "from"         : "2015-06-08" 
  • organisation and name identify the dependency
  • range is used to declare minimum, maximum allowed versions of a dependency (both min and max may be optional), and allow "holes" for known incompatible versions. See 'Supported Version Ranges' for more details
  • reason tells why the versions in range are deprecated
  • from tells when the versions in range become unsupported.
Supported Version Ranges

Please see