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Local Installation

This requires ClamAV to be installed the best way to do this is run the docker-clamav image. Alternatively use the manual instructions below.

Configuring hosts file

If you have installed ClamAV manually or are using the Docker image with a native docker installation then add this to your /etc/hosts file. avscan

If you are using the docker image and using Docker Machine on Mac then the host IP should be the IP of your Docker Machine IP.

DOCKER_IP avscan

Manual installation on Mac OS with Brew

brew install clamav

You can find a slightly longer explaination here but make note of the comments as the instructions contain some issues.

Configuring your MicroService

Make sure clamd.conf has

LocalSocket /usr/local/var/run/clamav/clamd.sock TCPSocket 3310

To use clamav-client

Add the latest released version of the clamav-client to your app dependencies of your micro service build

e.g. "" %% "clamav-client" % "version"

Your application.conf should be configured to enable clamav scanning

clam.antivirus {            
    host = avscan
    port = 3310             
    timeout = 5000          

Wire up your microservice to load the ClamAvConfig using dependency injection by adding the following to your application.conf

play.modules.enabled += ""

For an explanation on using Guice dependency injection within your Play project, see the Play documentation.

Use ClamAntiVirus

import javax.inject.Inject

class YourClass @Inject()(clamAntiVirusFactory: ClamAntiVirusFactory) {
  def sendToClamAv(): Future[Try[Unit]] = {
   val antivirusClient = ClamAntiVirusFactory.getClient()
   antivirusClient.sendAndCheck(inputStream, length)