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Component Finder

A tool to search repositories for a string.

Build Status

$ node index.js foo
# or
$ component-finder foo

Table of Contents


To install multiple versions of Node.js, you may find it easier to use a node version manager:

GitHub SSH keys

This tool clones your GitHub repositories via SSH. To search these repositories please generate any relevant GitHub SSH keys. For further information: generating-an-ssh-key


Clone this repo and install its dependencies...

$ npm install

Then you'll need to tell it where to get a list of repos from to search.

Duplicate the config.sample.json file, naming it config.json, and update its contents accordingly...

  "api": {
    "protocol": "",
    "host": "",
    "paths": [],
    "headers": {}
  "whitelist": []

  • api.protocol: The protocol that should be used to communicate with the API (Required)
  • api.host: The domain name of the API to fetch a list of repos from (Required)
  • api.paths: The endpoint(s) of the API to fetch a list of repos from (Required)
  • api.headers: Any request headers that the API requires (such as auth tokens) (Optional)
  • whitelist: Regex pattern(s) for filtering the list of repos with (Optional)


$ node index.js searchString
# or
$ component-finder searchString

Where searchString...

  • Is the exact string ** searchString
  • A single CSS selector rule ** .className or #id
  • CSS selector rule with child ** .className .className-child

A single CSS selector rule

., # and :psuedo-selectors are removed from CSS selectors. E.g a searchString of:

  • .className will search for className
  • #id will search for id
  • .className:before will search for className.

If searching for an id with a # symbol your searchString needs to be quoted

CSS selector rule with child

When a CSS selector rule has children only the furthest descendant child will be searched for. E.g a searchString of .className .className-child will search for className-child.

When using child selectors your searchString needs to be quoted


Input is cleaned up before a search is performed. The following characters are removed from searchString input:

  • >
  • ~
  • *
  • +
  • [disabled] (attribute selectors)
  • (extraneous whitespace)

Advanced Options

File Extensions

By default, component finder searches through html files. You can modify or expand the search to include other file types with the -f flag and including a comma separated list of file extensions. This list should not include 'dot's or spaces. If it does include spaces, it should be enclosed in quotes :

e.g. node index.js -f html,scala searchstring

e.g. node index.js -f jade searchstring

e.g. node index.js -f "js, java" searchstring

Increase logging verbosity

Logging is available via the logging utility module. By default the logging level is set to 0 this will display all logger.log() method calls. If you wish to increase the logging level to see both logger.log() and logging.debug() calls you can do so by passing the -v flag.

e.g. node index.js -v e.g. node index.js --verbose


Results appear in the console like this...

repository-name (enterprise|public) [n]
  • repository-name: The name of the repository
  • (enterprise|public): Whether the repository lives in the open or in an enterprise instance of github
  • [n]: The number of occurrences of searchString in repository-name

They are also saved to a results.json file like this...

  "name": "repository-name",
  "github": "",
  "count": 1,
  "files": [{
    url: "",
    path: "",
    line: "",
    match: ""
  • name: The name of the repository
  • github: Whether the repository lives in the open or in an enterprise instance of github
  • files.url: The GitHub url to the file and line that contains the match
  • files.path: The path to a file that contains searchString
  • files.line: The line in the file where the match occurs
  • files.match: The actual match that was found in the file


To contribute to Component Finder...

  • Clone or fork this repo
  • Create a new branch and commit your code there.
  • Write or update tests for your code

Raising a pull request

We lint our JavaScript with standard. Please make sure your code is correctly linted and the tests pass before opening a pull-request:

$ npm test

To run tests continually with a watch task...

$ npm run test:watch


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.