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HTTP Sink Implementation for Apache Flume.

Behaviour of this sink is that it will take events from the channel, and send those events to a remote service using an HTTP POST request. The event content is sent as the POST body.

Error handling behaviour of this sink depends on the HTTP response returned by the target server. The sink backoff/ready status is configurable, as is the transaction commit/rollback result and whether the event contributes to the successful event drain count.

Any malformed HTTP response returned by the server where the status code is not readable will result in a backoff signal and the event is not consumed from the channel.

Configuration Options

Name Default Description
endpoint no default the fully qualified URL endpoint to POST to
connectTimeout 5000ms the socket connection timeout
requestTimeout 5000ms the maximum request processing time
contentTypeHeader text/plain the HTTP Content-Type header
acceptHeader text/plain the HTTP Accept header value
defaultBackoff true whether to backoff by default on receiving all HTTP status codes
defaultRollback true whether to rollback by default on receiving all HTTP status codes
defaultIncrementMetrics false whether to increment metrics by default on receiving all HTTP status codes
backoff.CODE no default configures a specific backoff for an individual (i.e. 200) code or a group (i.e. 2XX) code
rollback.CODE no default configures a specific rollback for an individual (i.e. 200) code or a group (i.e. 2XX) code
incrementMetrics.CODE no default configures a specific metrics increment for an individual (i.e. 200) code or a group (i.e. 2XX) code

Note that the most specific HTTP status code match is used for the backoff, rollback and incrementMetrics configuration options. If there are configuration values for both 2XX and 200 status codes, then 200 HTTP codes will use the 200 value, and all other HTTP codes in the 201-299 range will use the 2XX value.

Configuration Example

An example section for this sink :

agent.sinks.httpSink.type = = fileChannel
agent.sinks.httpSink.endpoint = http://localhost:8080/someuri
agent.sinks.httpSink.connectTimeout = 2000
agent.sinks.httpSink.requestTimeout = 2000
agent.sinks.httpSink.acceptHeader = application/json
agent.sinks.httpSink.contentTypeHeader = application/json
agent.sinks.httpSink.defaultBackoff = true
agent.sinks.httpSink.defaultRollback = true
agent.sinks.httpSink.defaultIncrementMetrics = false
agent.sinks.httpSink.backoff.4XX = false
agent.sinks.httpSink.rollback.4XX = false
agent.sinks.httpSink.incrementMetrics.4XX = true
agent.sinks.httpSink.backoff.200 = false
agent.sinks.httpSink.rollback.200 = false
agent.sinks.httpSink.incrementMetrics.200 = true


This project is built using SBT so that it works with the rest of the HMRC build and release tooling. We're aware that this is a little bit odd.

git clone
cd flume-http-sink
sbt clean package
cp target/flume-http-sink-{version}.jar {flume_home}/lib/flume-http-sink-{version}.jar


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.