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Simpler build settings by using an auto-plugin to automatically add settings from sbt-utils.


In your project/plugins.sbt file:

resolvers += Resolver.url("hmrc-sbt-plugin-releases",

addSbtPlugin("" % "sbt-auto-build" % "x.x.x")

where 'x.x.x' is the latest release as advertised above.

We have added the resolver here, if you already have the '' repo added there's no need to re-add it here.

Add the line .enablePlugins(SbtAutoBuildPlugin) to your project to enable the plugin.

What it does

When enabled sbt-auto-build automatically adds the most comonly used settings in sbt-utils which are the settings collections:

  • scalaSettings
  • SbtBuildInfo
  • defaultSettings
  • HeaderSettings

It also automatically adds sbt-utils and sbt-header plugins. SBT header is on by default and will generate licence headers in your source files. As a result you don't have to add licence headers to source files manually

To make the automatic addition of settings more visible you'll see output like this in your build:

[info] SbtAutoBuildPlugin adding 19 build settings:
[info] buildinfo, buildinfo, buildinfoBuildnumber, buildinfoKeys, buildinfoKeys, buildinfoObject, buildinfoPackage, buildinfoPackage, fork, headers, initialCommands, isSnapshot, organization, packageOptions, parallelExecution, scalaVersion, scalacOptions, sourceGenerators, testOptions

Updating from sbt-utils

See and example of this on the time project: HmrcBuild.scala and plugins.sbt

  1. Remove references to sbt-utils and sbt-header form your project/plugins.sbt file and add the code listed in 'Usage' above
  2. Remove references to scalaSettings, SbtBuildInfo, defaultSettings and HeaderSettings in your project/HmrcBuild.scala file