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Templates for creating new SBT projects. Currently this only creates the skeleton for a scala library.


###Scala library

python scripts/bin/create_library.py <project_name>

where <project_name> is the name of the project to create.

This will then generate an SBT project with the following

  • An SBT project based on sbt-auto-build and sbt-git-versioning
  • An example class and test
  • A .gitignore file
  • Git config with origin pointing at github.com/hmrc/<project_name>
  • A Travis build file
  • Licences
  • Readme with badges for Travis build status and Bintray links
  • One commit for the above files tagged with version v0.1.0. This is necessary for sbt-git-versioning to start working.

Once this is done you may push your new project with:

git push -u origin master && git push origin v0.1.0