Flat theme is a Clean theme for Open Game Panel
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Flat Theme

Flat Theme is a Clean theme for Open Game Panel.

There is another clone project for stable version that you need, including our official public opg logo, etc.. HERE
If you want to talk with us, join our discord channel : https://discord.io/HMR-Foundation

For Installation Follow the steps below:


  1. Your OGP panel must be equal to 3373 or higher version.
  2. You Must have full controls on the OGP panel's File.
  3. Your OGP Panel atleast have 6-9 MB Disk space.

Installation Steps:


  1. Extrat the zip file.
  2. Copy themes folder, navigate to your OGP Panel's root folder and paste there, If it asks for Overwrite then go ahead and Press OK.
  3. Once the Pasting process completes, login to your OGP Panel.
  4. Navigate to Administration > Theme Settings, Change the theme to Flat and save.
  5. That's all, Now you would have Flat Theme with Color Picker in it. ENJOY!

For changing default color of the theme to your own color Follow the steps:

  1. Open Your OGP Panel's root folder > Themes > Flat > js > skin.js.
  2. Edit mainColor's hex (default: 398bba) to your own color's hex without #.

The Color Picker Comes with 2 Skins i.e Dark & Light

For changing default skin of the Color Picker Follow the steps(ONLY FOR FLAT THEME WITH COLOR PICKER):

  1. Open Your OGP Panel's root folder > Themes > Flat > js > skin.js.
  2. Edit PickerTheme's text (default: dark) to light or dark.

For Billing Game's Preview images Pack Installation Follow the steps below:

1.just link them to the module's billing folder of Flat theme. (Example: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/themes/Flat/images/modules/billing/yourimage.png) You can use them anywhere on your site! Credits goes to James30263 for Creating those Billing Game's Preview images Pack.

Support would be given at the Flat release thread of OGP forum.