Viewport projection

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The viewport projection track shows the bounds of one view on another. It is useful when showing the same dataset at two different resolutions. To instantiate it, select the settings of the target view (the one whose bounds we want to draw) and click 'Show this viewport on'. This will then let you select another track (2D) onto which to display the bounds of the target view.

Available options

  • projectionFillColor: The color with which to fill the viewport projection box. Can be specified as a name (e.g. "red"), a hex value (e.g. #f00) or an rgb string(e.g. rgb(255,0,0))
  • projectionStrokeColor: The color of the stroke for the projection box.
  • projectionFillOpacity: The opacity of the fill of the projection (0 to 1).
  • projectionStrokeOpacity: The opacity of the stroke of the projection (0 to 1).

Example configuration

    "uid": "FI58zIkYQKe2S--8x6Iwfg",
    "type": "viewport-projection-center",
    "fromViewUid": "A4tM32baS9qnYB0HCAiuTg",
    "options": {},
    "name": "Viewport Projection",
    "options": {
        "projectionFillColor": "#777",
        "projectionStrokeColor": "#777",
        "projectionFillOpacity": 0.3,
        "projectionStrokeOpacity": 0.3
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