Utility library for filtering/transforming JSON data
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Project Definition

Provide a library that supports transformation of an input JSON through declarative rules contained in a separate JSON. The initial capability is limited to filtering out fields by name or by limiting the number of values in a list. There is also the capability to reverse the condition of a rule and to apply rules recursively to nested nodes.


The syntax for transformation rules is defined below:

    "[^]<FIELD_NAME>[>]" : <ACTION> | <RULE> | <RULE_LIST>
RULE_LIST:= [<RULE>, <RULE>, ...]

Additional syntax notes:

  • RULE_LIST is a JSON array containing a list of <RULE>s.

Optional prefix and suffix values can be applied to the <FIELD_NAME> as defined shown below. These actions apply to the node where the prefix or suffix is entered.

  • “^” prefix is used to reverse the condition defined by the <ACTION> associated with the <FIELD_NAME>

  • “>” suffix is used to apply the <ACTION> associated with the <FIELD_NAME> recursively to nested nodes


The input JSON being used is the transformation examples below is here:


  • Select ORDER node, remove ORDER_ID wherever it occurs
{"ORDER": [
        { "ORDER_ID" : "REMOVE" }
  • Select ORDER node, remove ORDER_ID for all sub-elements under an ORDER (keeping top level ORDER_ID)
{"ORDER": [
        { "^ORDER_ID": { "ORDER_ID>": "REMOVE" }},
  • Select ORDER node, keep only one ORDER_ITEM per ORDER
{"ORDER": [
        { "ORDER_LIST>" : "LIMIT 1" }
  • Apply multiple rules: ** Select ORDER node ** Remove ORDER_ID for all sub-elements under an ORDER (keeping top level ORDER_ID) ** Remove CREATED_DATE wherever it occurs ** Keep only one ORDER_ITEM per ORDER
{"ORDER": [
        { "^ORDER_ID": { "ORDER_ID>": "REMOVE" }},
        { "CREATED_DATE>" : "REMOVE" },
        { "ORDER_LIST>" : "LIMIT 1" }


Use the following commands to run the example:

$ mvn clean install
$ cd example; mvn clean install;
$ mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="./source.json ./rule.json"