Fetch albums from Google+ onto your own site
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Fetch albums from Google+ onto your own site

(C) 2012 Harish Narayanan


Like most people, I find myself creating less and less content on my own websites/blogs and instead choosing to use services such as Google+ and Twitter. They're so much easier to use and encourage immediate community feedback. Even so, I'd still like to have my content featured on my own sites in a cohesive way.

If you're like me, read on.

What is it?

Google+ Album Fetcher does exactly what its name suggests. It is a simple script that fetches albums uploaded to Google+ and writes out static HTML files that can be used to populate your own website.

How do you use it?

The script is quite rough and requires a bunch of fiddling around, but in essence, you:

  1. Install the Google Data (Python) client library on your computer. If you're running OS X with MacPorts, this is as simple as: sudo port install py27-gdata

  2. Edit user_id and album_slugs in generate-gallery.py to point to yourself on Google+ and the unique IDs of the galleries you want to extract.

  3. Edit the header and footer HTML in the .html files to suit your own website.

  4. Run: python generate-gallery.py

which will fetch album data from Google+ and write out static HTML to output/slug/index.html (one for each album you requested) with galleries showcasing your photographs.

How do I report bugs and request features?

Contact me via e-mail mail@harishnarayanan.org and I'll try to help.