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Hello world

Personal websites may seem obsolete with the countless of digital platforms we can use to project our egos and portray how we would like others to see ourselves. That being said, as someone who works in digital I find having a personal website essential for displaying your online presence and pretending to be tech savvy. So, I invested in the online real-estate. It is also really fun to learn how to build and design websites.

Fun fact, my indecisiveness made me purchase two domain names: and, I decided to go with the former but may spontaneously switch to the latter because I think it sounds a bit cooler.


There are plenty of platforms which easily let you create websites, but these can be costly and limiting. So I decided to create this website completely in a web-browser, using an open source template and hosting on github. The only cost of maintaining this website is my time and the price of a domain name. I could not have done it alone, so here is a special thanks to all the people, products, and services that enabled me to build my personal website:

  • Blackrock Digital - for creating the Start Bootstrap Freelancer theme and making it open for me to use.
  • Cloudflare - for SSL certificate and cache.
  • Craig Jones - for influencing me to write my CV in HTML and allowing me to use his source code.
  • Devika Deonarine - for helping me with editing content and making it succinct.
  • - for secure and free html contact form.
  • GitHub Pages - for free web hosting.
  • Jekyll - static website generator which this website is built on.
  • Kent Saunders - for the design critique and feedback to improve the website.
  • Everyone who provided me with feedback and support.

Copyright and License

Released under the MIT license.

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