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Always check this page before you join the workshop as it might change prior to the workshop!

Build your own AI powered robot

Welcome to the AI workshop and nice you might be joining!

During this workshop we have 2 paths you can follow. Both have pre-requirements!

  • Option 1 - Bring your own You can perfectly follow the workshop by bringing your own stuff.
  • Option 2 - Use our IoT kit Use on of the IoT kits I bring (I have 12, so you might be ending up sharing one or the workshop is full)

Option 1 - Bring your own hardware

You can perfectly follow the workshop if you bring your own hardware. We have the workshop available in Windows IoT and Raspbian running .NET Core. Windows IoT only runs on a Raspberry Pi 3B not the 3B+ and 4.

What to bring (required)

  • Raspberry Pi 3B / 3B+ or 4
  • Power Supply
  • Memorycard with a fresh install of Raspbian Buster Lite
  • USB Camera
  • Mini Jack Headphone

What to bring (optional)

Option 2 - Use our IoT kit

You can use our IoT kit during the workshop, I have 12 with me. You might up ending sharing with someone else or the workshop is full. Make sure you have taken the time to meet the pre-requirements.

Just bring your laptop running Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2019. You will need an Azure subscription to activate the Cognitive Services APIs, if you don’t have one please create one before the workshop.

Our kit runs on a Raspberry PI3 with Windows IoT core. Check out what is in the kit.

Bring a laptop running

  • Windows 10 - Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 (Or higher) (with Administrator access)
  • Visual Studio 2017 - (version 15.7.4 0r higher) (with workloads: Universal Windows Platform development / Azure development)
  • Latest UWP SDK (1903) Installer - NL / Installer - EN
  • Install the Windows IOT Core Dashboard Download

Others requirements

  • An Azure Subscription. You can create one here.
  • Some C# Knowledge (it is not a copy / paste workshop)
  • Headphones (with a mini jack)

Enable development mode in Windows 10

  • Open: settings
  • Open: Update & Security
  • Open: For Developers
  • Select: "Developer Mode" under "Use developer features"


  • A remote desktop in Azure will not work as you need to access the local network
  • If you have a Mac, a Virtual Machine with the above requirement can work.
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