Collecting information on Allwinner A10 internals
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A10s A10s-OLinuXino: Correct DRAM settings Jul 23, 2013
A13 . May 19, 2013
A23/BROM A23: import BROM dump Apr 8, 2014
A31/ar100 ar100: Identify some more functions May 15, 2013
A80 Import various A80 sources Nov 1, 2014
BOOT Fixup register offsets Sep 17, 2012
BROM Add spi_setup_dma Dec 31, 2013
EOMA68 EOMA68: Add DRAM parameters to fex May 19, 2013
FEL-usb Document FEL VERSION struct a bit Jun 27, 2012
GPIO Use consistent 2-digit pin numbers Jun 29, 2012
JTAG JTAG: Adjust openocd config to work with current OpenOCD versions (an… Jul 23, 2013
NAND NAND trace improvements Oct 6, 2014
PMU backup Nov 8, 2012
USB0 Import USB0 register dumps May 27, 2013
registers registers: Add i2c register file Oct 2, 2012