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Adds MagicZoomPlus to Spree store.

This extension is better than Spree Zoom Photos ( since it gives complete image handling control to Magic Zoom. I personally had problems in handling multiple product images while using Spree Zoom Photos PLUS this extension works with latest Spree.


  • Zoom into product images.
  • Multiple image handling. (see multiple image example here
  • Changes product image by hovering on thumbnail.
  • Fancybox like Click to enlarge in zoom view.
  • Navigate between images in enlarged view using next/previous buttons.


Add Spree-MagicZoomPlus to your Gemfile.

gem "spree_magiczoomplus", :git => 'git://'

Update your bundle

bundle install

Run Install

rake spree_magiczoomplus:install

And you are good to go :-)

To set options to zoom, edit /public/javascripts/magiczoom.options.js as instructed in

Copyright (c) 2011 SpreeMagiczoomplus, released under the New BSD License