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  Beware - the Bewator online booking system Java Applet replacement

Beware is a small twisted project to enable users of the Bewator booking system
to actually use the web infrastructure of that system without using the
provided Java Applet<tm>.

It uses twisted for request engine stuff and Jinja2 for templating.

For now, just run it like this:

and it will present a login page at http://localhost:31337/.

You can also provide an alternative site title with -t "site name", and also
change listen port from default 31337 to something else with -p.

<BEWATOR-BEWATOR-APPLET-HTTP-HOSTNAME> is of course the server which serves
the applet/CGI stuff.

This project does NOT use the Bewator BAPSI interface, since I don't have
access to any system using that. I'm aware that it would probably be a better
fit, but this project is aimed at replacing the annoying applet which doesn't
really work in this time and age.

@Author Henrik Persson <>