Add formatted code blocks into your Wordpress blog posts.
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Add formatted code blocks into your Wordpress blog posts.

Codeblocks lets you add highlighted and formatted code into your Wordpress website without cluttering the visual editor. Write your code in individual blocks below the built-in Content editor, and access these blocks simply by adding [codeblock name='MY_BLOCK'] into your blog post or page. Codeblocks will even highlight the code on your website, and themes can customize the color scheme of your code.

With Codeblocks, you can write your code with a rich CodeMirror editor that highlights your code as you type, and showing that code on your website is easy using the [codeblocks] shortcode.


The plugin is simple to install:

  1. Download the Codeblocks plugin file (.zip)
  2. Unzip and upload the plugin files folder to your wp-content/plugins folder
  3. Go to the Plugins page and activate the Codeblocks plugin

While writing a post or page in your blog, add your code in the Codeblocks section of the Edit page. If this section does not show up, open the Screen Options dropdown from the top of the page and make sure Codeblocks is checked.

In your article content, you can access your blocks of code using [codeblock name='MY_BLOCK'] where MY_BLOCK is whatever you titled your block of code. Codeblocks will automatically take care of setting up the highlighting feature on your website.

Theme Editors

You can hook into codeblocks/rainbow_theme filter inside your functions.php file to change the Rainbow.js theme (there are many themes on GitHub). Return a URL to the new theme stylesheet file, or null to disable highlighting, or true to only include the Rainbow.js file without a theme (useful if your themes already-loaded stylesheet file contains the code highlighting styles). Here's a few examples:

add_filter('codeblocks/rainbow_theme', function($oldURL) {

	// Use the file 'cool-rainbow.css' inside our theme directory

	return plugins_url('cool-rainbow.css', __FILE__);

You can also disable code highlighting with your theme by returning null in the filter.

add_filter('codeblocks/rainbow_theme', function($oldURL) {

	// Disable code highlighting on our theme

	return null;

If your theme's base stylesheet file already includes the Rainbow.js styles, just return true and we'll skip importing the stylesheets, and just load the Rainbow.js plugin.

add_filter('codeblocks/rainbow_theme', function($oldURL) {

	// Add Rainbow.js tags, but don't include a separate stylesheet file

	return true;


  • Updated to WordPress 4.1 Support


  • Merged ACF Plugin dependency with Codeblocks


  • Fixed an issue with CodeMirror dependencies
  • Fixed an issue with PHP Language highlighting


  • Released. And awesome.