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ppl aims to be address book software for command-line users. It's pronounced like "people". You might be interested in ppl if:

  • You like using the command-line
  • You want ownership of your address book data back from the cloud
  • You prefer to keep your data stored in an open format

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$ sudo gem install ppl


List all contacts

$ ppl ls

Add a contact

$ ppl add paul "Paul Baker"

Show a contact

$ ppl show fred
Fred Smith

Delete a contact

$ ppl rm dave

Change a contact's ID

$ ppl mv dave david

Change a contact's name

$ ppl name john "John Smith"

Change a contact's email address

$ ppl email dave

Change a contact's birthday

$ ppl bday john 1980-01-01


Bug reports, fixes, and additional features are encouraged. The project uses Github issues to track bug reports.

If you'd like to contribute code, please just bear in mind that ppl development is test-driven.


ppl is released under the MIT License.

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