H&O Magento 2 Nederlandse vertalingen / Dutch Translations
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Reach Digital (H&O) Magento 2 Nederlandse vertalingen / Dutch Translations with e-mailtranslations

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Installation through Marketplace

As Reach Digital extensions are offered in the official Magento® Marketplace you can directly install them via the Magento® 2 backend. Magento® did a great job simplifying this process, they also provided a really good documentation. Please read the official documentation for installing extensions over the marketplace.


Installation through composer

composer require honl/magento2-nl-nl

Development install:

composer require honl/magento2-nl-nl:^1@dev


Go to CrowdIn and translate files.

Import translations:

cd vendor/honl/magento2-nl-nl
wget -O crowdin.csv
git commit -am"Imported translations from crowdin"
git push

How are translations files loaded

In the file Magento\Framework\App\Language\Dictionary::readPackCsv all ``*.csv` files are loaded, no specific filename required.


This extension was developed by Reach Digital with a lot of help from the Magento Community on CrowdIn. https://www.reachdigital.nl