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Ruby API Client for the HOALife API
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HOALife - Ruby API Client

Pragmatic access to the HOALife REST API.

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This library seamlessly handles pagination, CRUD actions, Rate Limiting, and Error handling for you.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'hoalife'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install hoalife



Configure the client with your credentials in your code.

require 'hoalife'

HOALife.config do |config|
  config.api_key                 = 'sk_YOURSUPERSECRETKEY'
  config.signing_secret          = 'ss_YOURSIGNINGSECRET'
  config.sleep_when_rate_limited = 10.0 # Optional

# or

HOALife.api_key                 = 'sk_YOURSUPERSECRETKEY'
HOALife.signing_secret          = 'ss_YOURSIGNINGSECRET'
HOALife.sleep_when_rate_limited = 10.0 # Optional

Alternatively, you can specify the HOALIFE_API_KEY, and HOALIFE_SIGNING_SECRET environmental variables to automatically configure the client.



resulting in

require 'hoalife'


HOALife.api_key # => 'sk_YOURSUPERSECRETKEY'
HOALife.signing_secret # => 'ss_YOURSIGNINGSECRET'

Rate Limits

The HOALife API implements per-API Key rate limiting to prevent API abuse from impacting other customers. See the Rate Limiting section of for details. This library can handle the rate limit in two different ways.

Sleep When Rate Limited (Default)

This method seamlessly handles hitting the rate limit for you by sleeping for a given period then trying the HTTP call when a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded response is returned by the API. This will make the rate limit transparent to your script, and works best when using the API client in a single threaded, synchronous, fashion.

Set HOALife#sleep_when_rate_limited to a Float to configure the period that the client will sleep for before retrying the HTTP call.

Raise an Error When Rate Limited

If you're accessing the API from multiple machines/threads/processes, you may not want to sleep when the limit is hit, but instead handle the retry logic on your own. In this scenario, a HOALife::RateLimitError will be raised.

Set HOALife#sleep_when_rate_limited to nil to configure the client to raise an error instead of sleeping and retrying the HTTP call.

Error Handling

This library tries to handle errors for you in a transparent and intuitive way so that you can resolve them and move forward. See lib/hoalife/errors.rb for a full list of the possible errors.

HTTP Based Errors

Errors caused by bad HTTP calls will provide additional information via the HTTPError#status, HTTPError#headers and HTTPError#details methods.

# An invalid API Key
  HOALife.api_key = 'foo'
  HOALife::Account.create(name: 'foobar')
rescue HOALife::HTTPError => e
  puts e.status # => 401
  puts e.headers # => {"content-type"=>"application/json; charset=utf-8", ... }
  puts e.details # => {"data"=>{"id"=>"7b06f5e7-a572-4639-bae6-02e41aa367dd", "type"=>"error", "attributes"=>{"id"=>"7b06f5e7-a572-4639-bae6-02e41aa367dd", "title"=>"Invalid API Key", "status"=>401, "detail"=>"Provided API key foo was not valid"}}}
# API key does not have permission for the given action
  HOALife::Account.create(name: 'foobar')
rescue HOALife::HTTPError => e
  puts e.status # => 403
  puts e.headers # => {"x-ratelimit-limit"=>"10", ... }
  puts e.details # => {"data"=>{"id"=>"80143c2b-1b1b-4b33-b31e-751e31da8e5a", "type"=>"error", "attributes"=>{"id"=>"80143c2b-1b1b-4b33-b31e-751e31da8e5a", "title"=>"Permission denied", "status"=>403, "detail"=>"This API key sk_YOURSUPERSECRETKEY does not have access to the requested resource"}}}

Implemented Resources

HOALife::Account true true true true
HOALife::Property true true true true
HOALife::CCRArticle true true true true
HOALife::CCRViolationType true true true true
HOALife::Violation true true true true
HOALife::Inspection true false false false
HOALife::Escalation true false false false

Reading Resources

Resources respond to many ActiveRecord-like methods like all, count, first, last, total_pages, reload, where, and order. All Resources respond to the Read methods.


# Get all accounts
accounts = HOALife::Account.all

# Get the first account
account = HOALife::Account.first

# Total count of the available resources
count = HOALife::Account.count

# Get the most recently created account
count = HOALife::Account.order(:created_at, :desc).first

# Get all accounts that match a condition
HOALife::Account.where(parent_id: 1).all

# Get the first account which matches a condition
HOALife::Account.where(external_id: 'myInternalId1').first

# Get all properties under a given account, ordered by external ID
HOALife::Property.where(account_id: 3).order(:external_id, :asc).all

Creating Resources

Resources supporting creation respond to the HOALife::Resource.create class method, and the HOALife::Resource#save instance method.


# Create an account
account = HOALife::Account.create(parent_id: 1, name: "foo") # => 33
account.errors # => nil
account.persisted? # => true

# or

account = 1, name: "foo") # => true
account.errors # => nil
account.persisted? # => true

# Account which doesn't meet data validation requirements
account = HOALife::Account.create() # => nil
account.persisted? # => false
account.errors.detail # => {"parent_id"=>"is invalid"}

# Property which doesn't meet data validation requirements
property = HOALife::Property.create(account_id: 2)
property.errors.detail # => {"street_1"=>"can't be blank", "city"=>"can't be blank", "state"=>"can't be blank", "postal_code"=>"can't be blank"}

Updating Resources

Resources supporting updating respond to the HOALife::Resource#save instance method.


# Create an account
account = HOALife::Account.first
account.update(name: 'bar') # => true

# or = 'bar' # => true # => 'bar' = '' # => false # => ''
account.errors.detail # => {"name"=>"can't be blank"}

Destroying Resources

Resources supporting deletion respond to the HOALife::Resource#destroy instance method.


# Create an account
account = HOALife::Account.first

account.destroy # => true


After checking out the repo, run bin/setup to install dependencies. Then, run rake test to run the tests. You can also run bin/console for an interactive prompt that will allow you to experiment.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.

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