A Symfony pre-commit hook
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A Symfony pre commit hook

========================== Checks in our pre-commit hook

  • Syntax check with php lint (“php -l”): We check every committed file has a valid PHP syntax.
  • Sync check of composer.json and composer.lock files: We check these two files are committed together in order to avoid committing the json but not the lock and generate some issue to another developers.
  • PHP CS Fixer check: With the –dry-run parameter it does not fix, just say what the problems are. With the –fixers parameter you can control what fixers you want to execute.
  • PHP Code Sniffer check: Same as before, but another rule that checks another rules.
  • PHPMD: We have enabled the controversial rules.
  • Unit Testing check: We run around 3.000 tests right now.


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This library is available on Packagist. The recommended way to install this library is through Composer:

add hgtan/symfony-pre-commit as a composer dependency.


"require-dev": {
    "hgtan/symfony-pre-commit": "dev-master"
php composer.phar update hgtan/symfony-pre-commit


When a developer clones the project, it just needs to:

-- linux
cd [project]
rm -rf .git/hooks
ln -s ../vendor/hgtan/symfony-pre-commit/hooks .git/hooks

-- windows
cd [project]
rd .git\hooks
mklink /D /J .git\hooks vendor\hgtan\symfony-pre-commit\hooks

Remembering to set up the hooks

"scripts": {
    "pre-update-cmd": "Hgtan\\Composer\\Script\\Hooks::checkHooks",
    "pre-install-cmd": "Hgtan\\Composer\\Script\\Hooks::checkHooks"

Have a look at Write your git hooks in PHP and keep them under git control for more usage information.