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Full-fledged app made with Next.JS and MongoDB
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Next.js + MongoDB App

A full-fledged app made with Next.JS and MongoDB.

About this project

nextjs-mongodb-app is a continously developed app built with Next.JS and MongoDB. Most tutorials on the Internet are either half-baked or not production-ready. This project aims to fix that.

This project goes even further and attempts to integrate top features as seen in real-life apps.

Give this project a big ol' 🌟 star motivates me to work on new features.

Check out the demo.

Using this project

This project accompanies the following posts:


This project relies on the following components. Some of them are optional (can be used without) and some may be replaced by others with similar functionalities.


This project uses the following dependencies:

  • next.js - v9 or above required for API Routes.
  • react - v16.8 or above required for react hooks.
  • react-dom - v16.8 or above.
  • mongodb - may be replaced by mongoose.
  • axios, axioswal - optional, may be replaced with any request library.
  • next-session, connect-mongo - may be replaced with any session management solution.
  • bcryptjs - optional, may be replaced with any password-hashing library. argon2 recommended.
  • validator - optional but recommended.
  • formidable - may be replaced by other file parser.
  • cloudinary - optional, only if you are using Cloudinary for image upload.

Environmental variables

Please see this on usage of .env file. If you use now dev, .env will work out-of-the-box.

Required environmental variables in this project include:

  • process.env.MONGODB_URI The MongoDB Connection String (with credentials)
  • process.env.CLOUDINARY_URL Cloudinary environment variable for configuration. See this.

I include my own MongoDB and Cloudinary environment variable in now.json for experimentation purposes. Please replace them with your owns and refrain from sabotaging them. In production, if you deploy with Now, consider using Secret.


nextjs-mongodb-app is a long-term developing project. There is no constraint on numbers of features. I continuously accepts feature proposals and am actively developing and expanding functionalities.


There are three states in feature development:

  • developed: The feature has been fully developed and is functional.
  • developing: The feature is being developed or being improved.
  • proposed: The feature is proposed and may or may not be developed in the future.


  • Session management
  • Allow users to sign up and log in/log out.

User profile

  • Avatar, name, email, location, etc.
  • User profile page
  • Edit user profile

Social developing

  • Find other users with search functionality
  • View other users' profile page
  • Add/Remove friends

Have any features in mind, make an issue. Would like to work on a feature, make a PR.


Despite the look, this project does not contain any stylesheets, and no component has classes. To remove the style, simply remove all <style jsx> and <style jsx global> tags.


Please see my



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