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Ultimate Go study guide, with heavily documented code and programs analysis all in 1 place
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Ultimate Go

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If you're interested in weekly coding interview problems with detailed solutions, test cases, and program analysis newsletter →


This repo contains my notes on learning Go and computer systems. Different people have different learning style. For me, I learn best by doing and walking through examples. Hence, I am trying to take notes carefully and comment directly on the source code, rather than writing up Markdown files. That way, I can understand every single line of code as I am reading and also be mindful of the theories behind the scene.

In the mix, I also include links to other articles that I find helpful.


Project Status

It is a work in progress.

Below are the outline of the all topics. Normally, a topic is covered when there is a link, or several links next to it.


  • Phase 1: Finish Ultimate Go Programming's video lectures
  • Phase 2: Fill in all the missing details using Ardan Labs's links and examples
  • Phase 3: Study Computer Systems book to reinforce the theory. Build more programs if needed.

Table of Contents

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time

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