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The only truly universal productive software development platform for all!

teracy-dev is created to set up a universal development platform which has the same development workflow on Mac, Linux and Windows with good developer experience and productivity in mind.

teracy-dev is super minimal kernel with extension mechanism so that we can use/ develop many different extensions by our needs.


  • super minimal kernel
  • highly configurable and extensible with extensions
  • the universally same workflow on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • best practices to develop and deploy any types of stacks and architectures

Useful Extensions

Installation and Usage

Follow the guide at

How to develop

Follow the commands below to pull the latest code of teracy-dev and you can continue to develop it.

$ cd ~/
$ git clone <your_forked_repo> teracy-dev
$ cd teracy-dev
$ git remote add upstream
$ git fetch upstream # get the changes from the upstream repo
$ git checkout develop # the develop branch to work on it
$ git branch -u upstream/develop # track the upstream's branch
$ git pull # update to the latest upstream's changes


BSD License