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A simple Volume Control application, especially tailored for my Logitech MX Performance.
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Volume Control

A simple Volume Control application, mainly tailored for my Logitech MX Performance.
I like to use the side buttons (identified as m10 and m13) to control my volume.

This simple application handles this, volume key on media keyboards, as well as showing a notification with the current volume, and controls to mute all sound from there.

This application has close to zero flexibility, but the source might help as a reference to others (how to globally bind a mouse button using Xlib, proper pynotify action handling, etc).

Feel free to use this as a reference for anything you like. The design isn't the best I've dont, but it's quite understandable, efficient, and works.


If you're running ArchLinux, download the PKGBUILD, and run "makepkg -sci". Otherwise, download the source, and run python2 install.


Run volctld to run the daemon. Volume keys should work right away, and m10 and 13 control sound volume as well.

Copyright (c) 2012 Hugo Osvaldo Barrera <>

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