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Python postfix plugin for collectd
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collectd-postfix plugin

This plugin collects mail metrics from the postfix mail log. I have only tested this on CentOS 6 with Python 2.6.6

Example data in Grafana


Supported Platforms

Tested on

  • CentOS 6 (Python 2.6) with collectd 5.5.3


Follows standard collectd-python plugin configuration. You need to make sure your collectd binary was compiled with python support first.

  • Drop into <COLLECTD_ROOT>/share/collectd/ - or wherever you store plugins
  • Configure the plugin in your collectd config <COLLECTD_ROOT>/etc/conf.d/postfix.conf or however you include plugins

Below is an example module config. Current allowed options are:

- Verbose (boolean) - use verbose logging 
- Maillog (string) - location of postfix mail log
- CheckMailQ (boolean) - check the postfix mail queue (shells out with subprocess)
<LoadPlugin python>
    Globals true

<Plugin python>
    # is at /opt/collectd/share/collectd/
    ModulePath "/opt/collectd/share/collectd/"
    Import "collectd-postfix"
    <Module postfix>
      Verbose false
      Maillog "/var/log/maillog"
      CheckMailQ true


Create a feature branch and PR with changes if anything feels dirty or you would like to see additional functionality.


collectd-postfix is licensed under version 2.0 of the Apache License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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