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Builds a hardened EKS AMI
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This is a tweaked fork (to work on AL2 2017.12) of ami-builder-packer with most of amazon-eks-ami pulled in. This repo also allows hardened Ubuntu 16.04 and Ubuntu 18.04 AMIs to be built.

If you don't want to apply CIS hardening, remove the Ansible provisioner from eks-worker.tpl

If you are using 18.04, you need to tell kubelet to point to a different resolv.conf so DNS does not break for pods - IMO this should be done with a kubelet arg. If you use the terraform-aws-eks module, you can do this by passing kubelet_extra_args to your worker groups:

locals {
  worker_groups = [
      kubelet_extra_args = "--resolv-conf=/run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf"

To build:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Update the root password hash in ubuntu.yaml
    • CIS disables remote root login so it doesn't REALLY matter, but you should at least know the password.
  3. Run the build script for your desired AMI:
    • ./build ubuntu16 <YOUR build subnet>
    • ./build ubuntu18 <YOUR build subnet> (FYI that Ubuntu 18.04 installs docker 18.06-ce)
    • ./build al2 <YOUR build subnet>


I dont recommend modifying any of the EKS stuff - it should just work out of the box. However if you want to exlude CIS rules, add them to cis_level_1_exclusions or cis_level_2_exlusions. To exclude rules for Ubuntu, it's not as easy - you will have to go into the section task file and modify/comment the task(s).

There are certain things disabled already for compatibility with Kubernetes or to leave it open to customization.


  • Would be nice to consolidate the codebase - i.e. one packer config, one install script, shared files, etc
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