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This code is a core part of hobDrive software trip computer. It responsible for working with OBD2 PIDs and sensors. hobDrive utilize OBD-II link (ELM327 USB, Bluetooth, WiFi) to fetch and analyze vehicle data in realtime.


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hobdrive android

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Runs on desktop PC, WinCE (PDA, PNA, noname chinese 'gps navigator'-titled stuff), Android smartphone and tablets.

Beside all the stuff you may find in tons of OBDII scanner tools, here are some unique features:

  • Concentration on trip data: MPG, distance run, total fuel consumption, run time, time spent in jams, etc.
  • Precise MPG (fuel consumption) analysis and calculations.
  • Toyota owners have precise MPG data via custom injector pulse width PID and other extra sensors.
  • Sensor data logging facilities for data review.
  • Fine graned touch-friendly fluid UI for use in carputer/navigator uninterruptly.
  • Full i18n and metric/imperial switching.
  • Visual themes.
  • HUD (screen projection) mode.
  • Opensource core, extensible.
  • Runs on any platform with .net installed (WinCE/PNA/PDA/PocketPC/WinMobile/Windows)





My credits to OBDGauge opensource software which was a trigger for me to create /hobd. My credits to ECUTracker which inspired me in some areas but which I had to drop because of poor old J2ME platform.


"MPL 1.1" (With fallback on your choice to GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1)

Mozilla Public License allows you to modify this project's source code and redistribute it for free (or for sale) so long as you follow the terms of the MPL. In particular, you must make your changes to this project's source code available back to it under the MPL (so this project can benefit from your changes).

You can add external components to /hobd core, compile these, use library in external projects and redistribute them for free or for sale and you do not need to make such external files or changes to them available in source code form or binary form to this project.

/hobd uses fleux ui framework ( which is distributed under "Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)". /hobd uses a modified fleux version which could be found at

/hobd uses InTheHand.Net.Personal framework ( which is distributed under "In The Hand Community License".