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;;; backpack.el --- Emacs interface to 37signals' Backpack
;; Copyright (C) 2005, 2006, 2008 Edward O'Connor <>
;; Author: Edward O'Connor <>
;; Keywords: convenience
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs.
;; This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
;; the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
;; Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later
;; version.
;; This file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
;; WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with Emacs; see the file COPYING, or type `C-h C-c'. If not,
;; write to the Free Software Foundation at this address:
;; Free Software Foundation
;; 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor
;; Boston, MA 02110-1301
;; USA
;;; Commentary:
;; backpack.el is intended to be an Emacs interface to Backpack. At the
;; moment, it's an undocumented, fairly bare-bones, but complete
;; implementation of the Backpack API. I'll be adding a UI soon.
;; Please set `backpack-username' and `backpack-api-key' appropriately.
;; I've been developing this under a fairly recent build of Emacs' CVS
;; HEAD. There are known incompatibilities between this code and XEmacs'
;; versions of url.el and xml.el.
;; You may have noticed the lack of adequate documentation. It's on the
;; way, but for now, you can use the Backpack API docs:
;; <URL:>
;; Share and Enjoy!
;;; History:
;; 2008-02-05 - Updated client to conform to Backpack's updated API.
;; Implemented /pages/new and /pages/search.
;; Documented known missing methods.
;; Marked deprecated methods as such.
;; Cleaned up response handling and parsing.
;; 2006-02-27 - Add support for multiple lists per page.
;; 2005-11-01 - Use plists for formatting.
;; 2005-10-15 - Initial version.
;;; TODO:
;; In general, the Backpack API has evolved over several revisions, and
;; backpack.el has only partly kept up with the changes. In general, the
;; API is moving away from POST-always, verbs-in-URLs model to a more
;; RESTful situation, in which the same URL can be GET/POST/PUT/DELETEd
;; for CRUD operations. Several core bits below need to be rethought
;; given this: `backpack-request', `backpack-api-define', and
;; potentially any method not implemented with `backpack-api-define'.
;; Specific other TODO items include:
;; - Implement Users API
;; - Implement Statuses API
;; - Implement Journal API
;; - Implement Belongings API - including reordering items on a page
;; - Update Reminders API
;; - implement missing methods (marked below).
;; - Handle SSL redirects for pro accounts
;;; Code:
(require 'rest-api) ;;
(require 'url) ;; Tested with the URL package in CVS Emacs
(require 'xml) ;; xml.el in CVS Emacs
;; Placate the byte-compiler.
(defvar url-http-end-of-headers)
;; * User-serviceable parts.
(defgroup backpack nil
"Emacs interface to 37signals' Backpack."
:group 'processes
:prefix "backpack-"
:link '(url-link :tag "Backpack"
:link '(url-link :tag "Latest version of backpack.el"
:link '(url-link :tag "Backpack API documentation"
(defcustom backpack-username nil
"Your Backpack username."
:group 'backpack
:type '(string))
(defcustom backpack-api-key nil
"Your Backpack API key."
:group 'backpack
:type '(string))
;; * HTTP request/response handling
(put 'backpack-error 'error-message "Backpack error")
(put 'backpack-error 'error-conditions '(backpack-error error))
(defun backpack-check-error (response)
"Check to see if RESPONSE is actually an API error.
If it is, signal the error."
(unless (string-equal "true" (xml-get-attribute response 'success))
(let* ((error-node (car (xml-get-children response 'error)))
(code (xml-get-attribute error-node 'code))
(message (rest-api-join (xml-node-children error-node))))
(signal 'backpack-error (list code message)))))
(defvar backpack-debug nil)
(defun backpack-response (buffer)
"Process the XML response from Backpack which resides in BUFFER."
(with-current-buffer buffer
(goto-char url-http-end-of-headers)
(if (and (>= url-http-response-status 200)
(< url-http-response-status 300))
(let ((response (car (xml-parse-region (point) (point-max)))))
(backpack-check-error response)
(signal 'backpack-error
(list (format "Response code %d"
(unless backpack-debug
(kill-buffer buffer))))
(defun backpack-request (path &optional payload)
"Perform a Backpack API request to PATH.
PAYLOAD may contain extra arguments to certain API calls."
(when (and payload (not (stringp payload)))
(setq payload (rest-api-xmlify payload)))
(let ((url-package-name "backpack.el")
(url-request-method "POST")
(url-request-extra-headers '(("Content-Type" . "application/xml")))
(format "<request><token>%s</token>%s</request>"
backpack-api-key (or payload "")))
(backpack-api-host (format "" backpack-username)))
(condition-case nil
(concat "http://" backpack-api-host "/ws" path))
;; Thrown when URL is unable to create a network process.
(signal 'backpack-error
(list (format "Unable to connect to %s."
(put 'backpack-request 'lisp-indent-function 1)
;; * Massaging Backpack's XML into more idiomatic elisp structures
(defun backpack-parse-lists-list (lists)
"Extract a nice list of lists from LISTS."
(let (retval)
(mapc (lambda (list)
(let ((thing '())
(name (xml-get-attribute-or-nil list 'name))
(id (string-to-number (xml-get-attribute list 'id))))
(when name
(setq thing (plist-put thing :name name)))
(when id
(setq thing (plist-put thing :id id)))
(push thing retval)))
(nreverse retval)))
(defun backpack-parse-items-list (items-element)
"Extract a nice list of items from ITEMS-ELEMENT."
(let ((items (xml-get-children items-element 'item))
(mapc (lambda (item)
(let ((thing '())
(xml-get-attribute-or-nil item 'completed))
(string-to-number (xml-get-attribute item 'id)))
(string-to-number (xml-get-attribute item 'list_id)))
(content (rest-api-join (xml-node-children item))))
(when completed
(setq thing (plist-put thing :completed completed)))
(when id
(setq thing (plist-put thing :id id)))
(when list-id
(setq thing (plist-put thing :list-id list-id)))
(when content
(setq thing (plist-put thing :content content)))
(push thing retval)))
(nreverse retval)))
(defun backpack-parse-notes-list (notes-element)
"Extract a nice list of notes from NOTES-ELEMENT."
(let ((notes (xml-get-children notes-element 'note))
(mapc (lambda (note)
(let ((thing '())
(title (xml-get-attribute-or-nil note 'title))
(string-to-number (xml-get-attribute note 'id)))
(xml-get-attribute-or-nil note 'created_at))
(content (rest-api-join (xml-node-children note))))
(when title
(setq thing (plist-put thing :title title)))
(when id
(setq thing (plist-put thing :id id)))
(when created-at
(setq thing (plist-put thing :created-at created-at)))
(when content
(setq thing (plist-put thing :content content)))
(push thing retval)))
(nreverse retval)))
(defun backpack-parse-page (page)
"Parse the elements of PAGE."
(let (parsed
(title (xml-get-attribute-or-nil page 'title))
(id (string-to-number (xml-get-attribute page 'id)))
(email (xml-get-attribute-or-nil page 'email_address))
(scope (xml-get-attribute-or-nil page 'scope))
(car (xml-get-children page 'description)))))
(items (backpack-parse-items-list
(car (xml-get-children page 'items))))
(notes (backpack-parse-notes-list
(car (xml-get-children page 'notes))))
(car (xml-get-children page 'linked_pages))))
(tags (backpack-parse-tags-list
(car (xml-get-children page 'tags)))))
(when title
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :title title)))
(when id
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :id id)))
(when email
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :email email)))
(when scope
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :scope scope)))
(when (and body (stringp body) (> (length body) 0))
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :body body)))
(when items
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :items items)))
(when notes
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :notes notes)))
(when linked-pages
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :linked-pages linked-pages)))
(when tags
(setq parsed (plist-put parsed :tags tags)))
(defun backpack-parse-pages-list (pages-element)
"Extract a nice list of pages from PAGES-ELEMENT."
(mapcar 'backpack-parse-page (xml-get-children pages-element 'page)))
(defun backpack-parse-tags-list (tags-element)
"Extract a nice list of tags from TAGS-ELEMENT."
(let ((tags (xml-get-children tags-element 'tag))
(mapc (lambda (tag)
(let ((thing '())
(name (xml-get-attribute-or-nil tag 'name))
(string-to-number (xml-get-attribute tag 'id))))
(when name
(setq thing (plist-put thing :name name)))
(when id
(setq thing (plist-put thing :id id)))
(push thing retval)))
(nreverse retval)))
(defun backpack-parse-reminders-list (reminders-element)
"Extract a nice list of reminders from REMINDERS-ELEMENT."
(let ((reminders (xml-get-children reminders-element 'reminder))
(mapc (lambda (reminder)
(let ((thing '())
(xml-get-attribute-or-nil reminder 'remind_at))
(id (string-to-number
(xml-get-attribute reminder 'id)))
(rest-api-join (xml-node-children reminder))))
(when remind-at
(setq thing (plist-put thing :remind-at remind-at)))
(when id
(setq thing (plist-put thing :id id)))
(when content
(setq thing (plist-put thing :content content)))
(push thing retval)))
(nreverse retval)))
(defun backpack-parse-emails-list (emails-element)
"Extract a nice list of emails from EMAILS-ELEMENT."
(let ((emails (xml-get-children emails-element 'email))
(mapc (lambda (email)
(let ((thing '())
(string-to-number (xml-get-attribute email 'id)))
(xml-get-attribute-or-nil email 'created_at))
(subject (xml-get-attribute-or-nil email 'subject))
(rest-api-join (xml-node-children email))))
(when id
(setq thing (plist-put thing :id id)))
(when created-at
(setq thing (plist-put thing :created-at created-at)))
(when subject
(setq thing (plist-put thing :subject subject)))
(when content
(setq thing (plist-put thing :content content)))
(push thing retval)))
(nreverse retval)))
;; TODO: `backpack-parse-statuses-list'
;; <statuses type="array">
;; <status>
;; <id type="integer">...</id>
;; <message>...</message>
;; <updated-at type="datetime">...</updated-at>
;; <user-id type="integer">...</user-id>
;; <user>
;; <id type="integer">...</id>
;; <name>...</name>
;; </user>
;; </status>
;; ...
;; </statuses>
;; TODO: `backpack-parse-journal-entries-list'
;; <journal-entries type="array">
;; <journal-entry>
;; <body>...</body>
;; <created-at type="datetime">...</created-at>
;; <id type="integer">...</id>
;; <updated-at type="datetime">...</updated-at>
;; <user>
;; <id type="integer">...</id>
;; <name>...</name>
;; </user>
;; </journal-entry>
;; ...
;; </journal-entries>
;; TODO: `backpack-parse-users-list'
;; <users type="array">
;; <user>
;; <id type="integer">1234</id>
;; <name>John Doe</name>
;; </user>
;; <user>
;; <id type="integer">5678</id>
;; <name>Foo Bar</name>
;; </user>
;; </user>
;; * Defining elisp functions corresponding to each API method
(defmacro backpack-api-define (call args payload-args docstring
&optional payload deprecated)
"Define an elisp function for CALL, a Backpack API method.
CALL should be in the form of a format string, to which ARGS will be
applied. PAYLOAD-ARGS are additional function arguments. CALL should be
documented with DOCSTRING. PAYLOAD, if specified, will be sent to
Backpack in the request."
(let ((name (intern
(concat "backpack-api"
(replace-regexp-in-string "/%s" "" call)))))
`(defun ,name ,(append args payload-args)
,(if deprecated
(list 'warn "Deprecated API method: %s" name))
(backpack-request (format ,call ,@args)
(put 'backpack-api-define 'lisp-indent-function 3)
(put 'backpack-api-define 'doc-string-elt 4)
;; ** Page listing
(defun backpack-api/pages/all ()
"Return a list of all Backpack pages you have access to."
(let ((r (backpack-request "/pages/all")))
(backpack-parse-pages-list (car (xml-get-children r 'pages)))))
(defun backpack-api/pages/search (query)
"Return a list of Backpack pages you have access to matching QUERY."
(let ((r (backpack-request "/pages/search" `((term () ,query)))))
(backpack-parse-pages-list (car (xml-get-children r 'pages)))))
(defun backpack-api/pages/new (title)
"Create a new page named TITLE."
(let ((r (backpack-request "/pages/new" `((page () (title () ,title))))))
(backpack-parse-page (car (xml-get-children r 'page)))))
;; ** Pages
(defun backpack-api/page (page-id)
"Fetch the Backpack page identified by PAGE-ID."
(let ((r (backpack-request (format "/page/%s" page-id))))
(car (backpack-parse-pages-list r))))
;; TODO: /page/%s/reorder
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/destroy" (page-id) ()
"Delete the page identified by PAGE-ID.")
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/update_title" (page-id) (title)
"Set the title of PAGE-ID's page to TITLE."
`((page () (title () ,title))))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/update_body" (page-id) (body)
"Set the body of PAGE-ID's page to BODY."
`((page () (description () ,body)))
(defun backpack-api/page/duplicate (page-id)
"Duplicate the Backpack page identified by PAGE-ID."
(let ((r (backpack-request (format "/page/%s/duplicate" page-id))))
(car (backpack-parse-page r))))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/link" (page-id) (linked-page-id)
"Create a link on PAGE-ID to LINKED-PAGE-ID."
`((linked_page_id () ,linked-page-id))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/unlink" (page-id) (linked-page-id)
"Delete the link on PAGE-ID to LINKED-PAGE-ID."
`((linked_page_id () ,linked-page-id))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/share" (page-id)
(emails &optional public)
"Share PAGE-ID with the emails in EMAILS.
Optionally, set the status of the page with PUBLIC (1 or 0)."
`((email_addresses () ,emails)
,(if (numberp public) (list 'page () (list 'public () public)) "")))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/unshare_friend_page" (page-id) ()
"FIXME: I don't know what this does to PAGE-ID.")
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/email" (page-id) ()
"Email PAGE-ID to yourself.")
;; ** Items - legacy (one page, one list) interface
(defun backpack-api/page/items/list (page-id &optional list-id)
"Return a list of items on PAGE-ID."
(warn "Deprecated API method: backpack-api/page/items/list")
(let ((r (backpack-request
(format "/page/%s/items/list" page-id)
(if list-id (format "?list_id=%s" list-id) "")))))
(backpack-parse-items-list (car (xml-get-children r 'items)))))
(defun backpack-api/page/items/add (page-id content &optional list-id)
"Create a new item on PAGE-ID with CONTENT.
If non-null, add the item to LIST-ID."
(warn "Deprecated API method: backpack-api/page/items/add")
(let ((r (backpack-request
(format "/page/%s/items/add" page-id)
(if list-id (format "?list_id=%s" list-id) ""))
`((item () (content () ,content))))))
(car (backpack-parse-items-list r))))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/items/update/%s" (page-id item-id)
"Replace the content of PAGE-ID's ITEM-ID with CONTENT."
`((item () (content () ,content)))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/items/toggle/%s" (page-id item-id) ()
"Toggle the completion status of PAGE-ID's ITEM-ID."
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/items/destroy/%s" (page-id item-id) ()
"Delete PAGE-ID's ITEM-ID."
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/items/move/%s" (page-id item-id)
"Delete PAGE-ID's ITEM-ID."
`((direction () ,direction))
;; ** Lists
(defun backpack-api/page/lists/list (page-id)
"Fetch a list of PAGE-ID's lists."
(let* ((r (backpack-request (format "/page/%s/lists/list" page-id))))
(xml-get-children (car (xml-get-children r 'lists)) 'list))))
(defun backpack-api/page/lists/add (page-id name)
"Add a new list to PAGE-ID, named NAME."
(let* ((r (backpack-request (format "/page/%s/lists/add" page-id)
`((name () ,name)))))
(car (backpack-parse-lists-list (xml-get-children r 'list)))))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/lists/update/%s" (page-id list-id) (name)
"Update the name of PAGE-ID's LIST-ID."
`((list ()
(name () ,name))))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/lists/destroy/%s" (page-id list-id) ()
"Destroy PAGE-ID's LIST-ID.")
;; ** List Items
;; TODO: /page/%s/lists/%s/items/list
;; TODO: /page/%s/lists/%s/items/add
;; TODO: /page/%s/lists/%s/items/update/%s
;; TODO: /page/%s/lists/%s/items/toggle/%s
;; TODO: /page/%s/lists/%s/items/destroy/%s
;; TODO: /page/%s/lists/%s/items/move/%s
;; ** Notes
(defun backpack-api/page/notes/list (page-id)
"Lists the notes of the page identified by PAGE-ID."
(let* ((r (backpack-request (format "/page/%s/notes/list" page-id))))
(backpack-parse-notes-list (car (xml-get-children r 'notes)))))
(defun backpack-api/page/notes/create (page-id title &optional body)
"Create a new note on the page identified by PAGE-ID.
The note will be named TITLE. Its body will be taken from BODY."
(let ((r (backpack-request (format "/page/%s/notes/create" page-id)
`((note ()
(title () ,title)
,(if body (list 'body () body) ""))))))
(backpack-parse-notes-list r)))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/notes/update/%s" (page-id note-id)
(title &optional body)
"On PAGE-ID, update NOTE-ID's TITLE and possibly BODY."
`((note ()
(title () ,title)
,(if body (list 'body () body) ""))))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/notes/destroy/%s" (page-id note-id) ()
"Delete a note from a page.
Page identified by PAGE-ID, note identified by NOTE-ID.")
;; ** Separators
;; TODO: POST /page/%s/separators.xml
;; TODO: PUT /page/%s/separators/%s.xml
;; TODO: DELETE /page/%s/separators/%s.xml
;; ** Tags
(defun backpack-api/tags/select (tag-id)
"Return a list of pages tagged with the tag identified by TAG-ID."
(let ((r (backpack-request (format "/tags/select/%s" tag-id))))
(backpack-parse-pages-list (car (xml-get-children r 'pages)))))
;; FIXME: doesn't seem to work. hmm.
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/tags/tag" (page-id) (tags)
"Tag page (whose id is PAGE-ID) with TAGS."
;; FIXME: quote tags with spaces (and quotes) in them
`((tags () ,(rest-api-join tags))))
;; ** Reminders
;; TODO: update
(defun backpack-api/reminders ()
"Fetch a list of your Backpack reminders."
(let* ((r (backpack-request "/reminders")))
(car (xml-get-children r 'reminders)))))
(defun backpack-api/reminders/create (content &optional remind-at)
"Create a new reminder containing CONTENT (and its REMIND-AT)."
(let ((r (backpack-request "/reminders/create"
`((reminder ()
(content () ,content)
,(if remind-at (list 'remind_at () remind-at) ""))))))
(car (backpack-parse-reminders-list r))))
(backpack-api-define "/reminders/update/%s" (reminder-id)
(content &optional remind-at)
"Update REMINDER-ID's CONTENT (and optionally its REMIND-AT)."
`((reminder ()
(content () ,content)
,(if remind-at (list 'remind_at () remind-at) ""))))
(backpack-api-define "/reminders/destroy/%s" (reminder-id) ()
"Destroy the reminder identified by REMINDER-ID.")
;; ** Emails
(defun backpack-api/page/emails/list (page-id)
"List PAGE-ID's emails."
(let ((r (backpack-request (format "/page/%s/emails/list" page-id))))
(backpack-parse-emails-list (car (xml-get-children r 'emails)))))
(defun backpack-api/page/emails/show (page-id email-id)
"On page PAGE-ID, fetch the email identified by EMAIL-ID."
(let ((r (backpack-request (format "/page/%s/emails/show/%s"
page-id email-id))))
(car (backpack-parse-emails-list r))))
(backpack-api-define "/page/%s/emails/destroy/%s" (page-id email-id) ()
"Delete PAGE-ID's email identified by EMAIL-ID.")
;; ** Status
(defun backpack-api/statuses ()
"List all statuses in your account.
Users who have not posted a status will not be included."
(let ((r (backpack-request "/statuses")))
(backpack-parse-statuses-list r)))
(backpack-api-define "/users/%s/status" (user-id) ()
"Get status of user whose id is USER-ID.")
;; TODO: Same URL, but POST -- update status
;; ** Journal
;; TODO: /journal_entries.xml?n=0&count=100 GET
;; /users/#{user_id}/journal_entries.xml?n=0&count=100 GET
;; /journal_entries/#{id}.xml GET, PUT, DELETE
;; /users/#{user_id}/journal_entries.xml POST
;; ** Users
;; TODO: /#{token}/users.xml GET
;; /#{token}/users/${id}.xml GET
;; ** Account
;; TODO: Deprecated by /#{token}/users/${id}.xml GET
(defun backpack-api/account/export ()
"Fetch a full export of your Backpack account."
(let* ((r (backpack-request "/account/export"))
(pages-element (car (xml-get-children r 'pages)))
(reminders-element (car (xml-get-children r 'reminders))))
`((pages ,(backpack-parse-pages-list pages-element))
(reminders ,(backpack-parse-reminders-list reminders-element)))))
;; * UI
(defvar backpack-pages nil
"An alist mapping Backpack page names to page IDs.")
(defun backpack-pages (&optional invalidate-cache)
"Returns an alist mapping Backpack page names to page IDs."
(when invalidate-cache
(setq backpack-pages nil))
(or backpack-pages
(setq backpack-pages
(mapcar (lambda (page)
(cons (plist-get page :title)
(plist-get page :id)))
(defvar backpack-last-page nil
"The last page you completed to.")
(defun backpack-read-page ()
"Prompts the user for a name of one of their Backpack pages."
(setq backpack-last-page
(completing-read "Page: " (backpack-pages) nil t
(defun backpack-remind (what)
"Create a reminder (of WHAT)."
(interactive "sRemind: ")
(let ((reminder (backpack-api/reminders/create (concat "+180 " what))))
(message "Created reminder %s." (plist-get reminder :id))))
(defun backpack-remind-from-region (start end)
"Create a reminder consisting of the text from START to END."
(interactive "r")
(backpack-remind (buffer-substring start end)))
;; Local Variables:
;; indent-tabs-mode: nil
;; mode: outline-minor
;; outline-regexp: ";;\\( [*]+\\|; [^*\n]\\)"
;; End:
(provide 'backpack)
;;; backpack.el ends here