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This is an umbrella repository for various projects of mine involving working with HTML5 in Emacs Lisp.

Edit XHTML5 documents with nxml-mode

This provides the ability to use nxml-mode to edit XHTML5 documents with RELAX NG validation.

How to use

First, you'll need to fetch the RELAX NG schema from the WHAT Task Force subversion repository; a simple make relaxng in this directory should do the trick.

Next, you'll need to add this directory to your load-path. Let's assume you've placed it in ~/code/html5-el/.

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/code/html5-el/")

Finally, wire this stuff into nxml-mode like so, altering the path to schemas.xml appropriately.

(eval-after-load "rng-loc"
  '(add-to-list 'rng-schema-locating-files "~/code/html5-el/schemas.xml"))

(require 'whattf-dt)

Experimental Emacs Lisp HTML5 tokenizer (html5-tok.el)

This is an implementation of the HTML5 tokenizer in Emacs Lisp. The API is relatively simple: with point at the location in a buffer where you'd like to start tokenizing, call html5-tok-forward to move forward one token. The token moved over is returned.

Despite the fact that all the tokenizer states are implemented, this is very early on in its life and the interface is likely to change significantly.