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Using ljupdate                                           -*- outline -*-

* Dependencies

** GNU Emacs

I haven't yet done the work necessary to make ljupdate work on XEmacs.

** http-cookies.el, http-get.el, http-post.el

If you don't already have these libraries, you'll need to download them
from Savannah CVS. If you have wget(1) and make(1) on your machine, a
simple 'make fetch' in this directory will grab the latest versions for
you. If not, you can find them at this URL:

Drop these files into a directory in your `load-path'. For instance, you
could drop these files into an `elisp' directory in your home directory.
You would add this directory to your `load-path' by adding something
like the following to your ~/.emacs file:

                   (add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp")

* Compilation

You don't have to compile ljupdate, but if you'd like to, running `make'
in this directory should be sufficient. If the http-FOO.el libraries are
in some other directory, invoking make with LOAD_PATH=/path/to/that/dir
will point Emacs at them when compiling.

** Git users

N.B., if you've checked ljupdate out from git, running `make' isn't

* Usage

Add this `ljupdate' directory to your `load-path'. If you put the
`ljupdate' directory under ~/elisp, you would do so like this:

           (add-to-list 'load-path "~/elisp/ljupdate")

Tell Emacs that you want to use ljupdate, by adding something like
this to your ~/.emacs:

                       (require 'ljupdate)

That's it!

Customize the group `ljupdate' to configure ljupdate to your liking.

                  M-x customize-group RET ljupdate RET

There are three commands that may interest you:

** lj-login, lj-logout

These do what you expect them to do. They will prompt you for a server
(typically your username, and your password.

** lj-compose

Invoking this command is how you begin to compose a new LiveJournal
post with ljupdate.

* Troubleshooting

Please post any questions you may have to the ljupdate community on
LiveJournal, which you can find here:


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