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Aug 21, 2009

  1. Clinton N. Dreisbach

    starting to convert this into a hobix site

    cndreisbach authored

Aug 14, 2005

  1. - lib/hobix/base.rb: HTTP authorization.

    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: Load config from a separate file, if available.
    _why authored

Jul 14, 2005

  1. - lib/hobix/search/simple.rb: new search index for cataloging words a…

    …nd their content ratings.
    - lib/hobix/entry.rb: added sections to the field definitions.
    - lib/hobix/webapp/message.rb: fix for lighttpd.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: simplified the situation with YAML output, defaults, all that stuff.
    - lib/hobix/publisher.rb: the new plugin for web administration.
    _why authored

Jun 10, 2005

  1. - lib/hobix/api.rb: remote API, currently usable over HTTP!

    - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: use remote API from the commandline.
    - lib/hobix/webapp.rb: accessor for request_body.
    _why authored
  2. - lib/hobix/util/patcher.rb: cool! switched to a new YAML-based patch…

    … system which is much easier,
        more foolproof, totally basic, all that!
    - share/*.patch: all patches in new format.
    _why authored

May 24, 2005

  1. - lib/hobix/webapp.rb: Tanaka Akira's WebApp library enhanced and dis…

    …tributed with Hobix.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: added skel_tags, new facets code.  (facets are user interfaces for hobix.)
    - lib/hobix/comments.rb: comment templates, comment api.
    - share/default-blog.cgi.patch: new patch for using CGI.
    _why authored

Mar 10, 2005

  1. - lib/hobix/base.rb: the `watch' method is now optional for publish p…

    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: all published Page classes are now passed into the publisher.
    _why authored

Mar 05, 2005

  1. - lib/hobix/out/rss.rb: RSS feed should have correct absolute URLS.

    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: William Morgan's excellent IndexEntry patch.  allow
        customization of the index.hobix file.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: senses need for regeneration of 'prev' and 'next' pages.
    _why authored

Jan 18, 2005

  1. - doc/CHANGELOG: version 0.3b.

    - go/hobix-install.rb: ditto.
    - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: warn about experimental object editor.
    _why authored
  2. - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: suitable errors if user has no blogs setup.

    - lib/hobix/entry.rb: new keywords, free-tagged categories for entries.
    - lib/hobix/bixwik.rb: getting WikiWords working.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: expand_path always adds complete blohhg URL.  default
        property methods should allow for cleaner YAML output and simpler customization.
    - lib/hobix/out/atom.rb: added subject tags to Atom feed.
    - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: working on extracting the erb source for errors.  cleaner
        paths with weblog.expand_path.
    - lib/hobix/out/rss.rb: subject tags can be per-entry.
    - lib/hobix/publish/ping.rb: allow passing of a URL (if you want your feed to be
        passed as the URL.)
    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: new find_attached method for loading comments.
    _why authored

Oct 20, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/entry.rb: switched from Object#is_a? to Class#==. was cau…

    …sing problems
        when loading !omaps.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: ditto. also, moved out computation of the output_map.
        this map contains all the information needed to regenerate. having this information
        readily available is useful for building site maps and determining canonical links
        in advance. new central_prefix and central_ext settings.
    - lib/hobix/bixwik.rb: the absolutely ridiculous hobix-based wiki. seriously, why am i
        doing this??
    - lib/hobix/base.rb: added BaseStorage#match for find entries based on regexp.
    - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: new prepend and append operators for templates.
    _why authored

Oct 07, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/entry.rb: switched from Object#is_a? to Class#==. was cau…

    …sing problems
        when loading !omaps.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: ditto.
    _why authored

Oct 06, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/entry.rb: date ids are now relative.

    - share/default-blog.apache-ssi.patch: ditto.
    _why authored
  2. - lib/hobix/util/objedit.rb: pagination of form fields, color support,

        now saves content.
    _why authored

Oct 05, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: using YAML::transfer to load the linklist rath…

    …er than
        YAML::object_maker.  Yes, better.
    _why authored
  2. - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: problem with nested unordered list invalid …

        Thanks, Eric Stewart!
    _why authored
  3. - lib/hobix/out/rdf.rb: new rss 1.0 module by Giulio Piancastelli!

    _why authored
  4. - version: 0.2f

      date: 2004-10-04
        - make-go.rb: added win32-only files.
        - lib/hobix/entry.rb: generalized new property_map
            method from old to_yaml_property_map.
        - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: ditto.
        - lib/hobix/linklist.rb: ditto.
        - lib/hobix/util/objedit.rb: ncurses-based editor for
           people who don't `use editor'.
        - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: aorta now uses ObjEdit class.
    # Many thank to William Morgan for his testing and suggestions.
    # The majority of the changes in the 0.2e release were instigated by
    # his messages to the hobix-is-the-way mailing list.  Thanks, Wm!!
    - version: 0.2e
      date: 2004-10-01
        - bin/hobix: reuses config data from initial installation.
        - go/hobix-install.rb: ditto.
        - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: creation of weblog also spawns
            editor for hobix.yaml after creation.
        - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: Hobix::Weblog#link is now a URI object.
            paths are only saved if they differ from the default.
            templates without entries are updated only if the template
            changes or the output file is missing.  more detailed
            page information is passed into publish plugins.
        - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: monthly archive dates reversed.
            blank `footer' template chunk added.
    _why authored

Sep 20, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: absolute links.

    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: ditto.
    - lib/hobix/share/default-blog.apache-ssi.patch: ditto.
    - go/hobix-install.rb: unquoted commands were going to 'su'.
        caching configuration data at the botttom of bin/hobix.
    - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: fixing 'edit' to actually save.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: using File.expand_path rather than
        File.join to figure out if @entry_path, @output_path,
        and @skel_path are relative or absolute. (people are
        seeing c:/blog/c:/blog/skel as a result on Windows.
    _why authored

Sep 11, 2004

  1. - bin/hobix: handling bad arguments, reporting proper syntax.

    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: dumping linklist and lastn in YAML.
    - go/hobix-install.rb: allowing customization of sharepath.
    - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: new `hobix upgrade' command.
    - lib/hobix/config.rb: fixing errors when loading YAML config.
    _why authored

Sep 10, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/entry.rb: whoops, section_id is supposed to report the path

        the entry resides in.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: validate that loaded entries on generation
        have an author listed in the weblog config.
    _why authored

Sep 09, 2004

  1. - go/hobix-install.rb: added ri installation to the web install.

    - lib/hobix/out/atom.rb: the feed tag wasn't closed.
    - lib/hobix/util/patcher.rb: new module, applies unified diffs.
       used for adding patches to the default blog.
    - share/default-blog.*: patches for using apache SSIs.
    _why authored

Aug 29, 2004

  1. - make-go.rb: installation of share goods. version sniffing

        without require.  automatic setup of blogs.
    - go/hobix-install.rb: ditto.
    - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: obscure setup_blogs command.
    - lib/hobix/linklist.rb: links now display as list items.
    - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: allow custom template entries. all
        sidebar entries are now list items.
    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: better date created detection.
    _why authored

Aug 24, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: don't hide permission errors when posting.

    - lib/hobix/entry.rb: allow initialize to take a block.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: linklist and lastn settings.  Weblog#retouch for
        regenerating a single path.  use group permissions on output content.
    - lib/hobix/out/erb.rb: tainting.
    - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: tainting. added `head_tags' and `blog' templates.
    - lib/hobix/out/rss.rb: UH-OH! Time#utc is destructive!  Added dc:creator tag.
    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: tainting. file editing, `touch'ing and removal
        of the `created' field have less an affect on the index.  attachments now
        allow per entry!  (first incarnation of comments.)
    _why authored

Aug 20, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: skel methods now receive path_storage. conflicts

        in output now resolved by the deeper skel template.
    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: path_storage method for skel methods.
    _why authored

Aug 19, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: both relative and absolute URLs now how meaning

        for the Page class.
    _why authored

Jun 30, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix.rb: version 0.1g.

    _why authored

Jun 23, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: default title to a capitalized version of…

    … the shortName.
    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: all entry ids should use forward slashes.  bug in save_entry
        kept load_entry from working on that entry ID.
    - lib/hobix/out/rss.rb: better timestamps, using Dublin Core now.
    - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: new quick templates are the true treasure and all
        will default to them!!
    _why authored

Jun 08, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: new `section' prefix.

    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: all entry ids should use forward slashes.
    - lib/hobix/entry.rb: section_id gives the URL path the entry lies in.
    - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: new quick templates are the true treasure and all
        will default to them!!
    _why authored

Jun 02, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/out/atom.rb: Improved Atom support.

    - lib/hobix.rb: More Ri.
    _why authored

May 23, 2004

  1. - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: More Ri documentation.

    _why authored
  2. - install.rb: install Ri documentation automatically.

    - lib/hobix.rb: new, great Ri documentation.
    - lib/hobix/commandline.rb: moved commandline options into a class.
    - lib/hobix/out/atom.rb: atom 0.3 support.
    _why authored

May 22, 2004

  1. - bin/hobix: Added 'edit' and 'list' commands with method for tabular…

    … display.
        Objects no longer save if nothing is updated from the $EDITOR.
    - lib/hobix/base.rb: ToYamlExtras module contains property mapping code.
    - lib/hobix/entry.rb: EntryEnum class for covering common iteration schemes,
        such as each_day.  RedCloth is default text processor.  Allow specification
        of text processor fields and clean YAML output.
    - lib/hobix/linklist.rb: New LinkList entry type.  For storing links, will be
        used for sidebar links.
    - lib/hobix/storage/filesys.rb: new get_months method for retrieving all
        archive months.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: cleaner YAML output for weblog config.  cleaner
        output during regen.
    _why authored

May 17, 2004

  1. - install.rb: proper installation of share dir.

    - go/hobix-installer.rb: installer script from  added
        gzip encoding on hobix-install.yaml load.
    _why authored
  2. - Hobix.gemspec: for anyone who wants to make a Gem.

    - make-go.rb: generates the go/hobix-installer.yaml, which is
        leveraged by the go/hobix-installer.rb script.
    - bin/hobix: stores personal config in '$HOME/Application Data/Hobix'
        on win32.
    - go/hobix-installer.rb: installer script from
    - lib/hobix/base.rb: now allow plugins to have config options in
        the hobix.yaml file.
    - lib/hobix/entry.rb: all entries default to folded YAML.
    - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: publisher plugins.  entry and entries are
        now variable suffixes.  new skel_yearly and skel_methods now
        available for templates in subdirectories.
    - lib/hobix/out/redrum.rb: new redrum plugin is ERB + Textile.
    - lib/hobix/publish/ping.rb: xml-rpc ping for and such.
    - share/default-blog: contains basic blog which is copied into
        place upon 'create' command.
    _why authored
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