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This module provisions Virtual Machines accross Azure and Hyper-V. It's a set of multiple VMs.


Use this script to provision / duplicate demo environments (which ware not generalized). It copies vhd files directly and creates new VM definition in Azure. My case was SharePoint environment including (AD, SQL, SharePoint 2013 & 2016, Office Online, Exchange, Windows Client). This can be useful within companies to distribute same test or dev environment. New is it to download those vhd only and then to create VMs on Hyper-V


./Import-Module VMD connect-VMD New-VMDInstance -Prefix QA


All examples based on SharePoint with dependency on AD, SQL, SharePoint, Mailserver, Office Online...

Getting Started

  1. Download this repository and install AzureRM Module
  2. Create your demo environment on Azure (Virtual Machines), based on multiple machines (No Managed Disks in the template). Currently there's a fixed naming schema, but feel free to contribute to this project:
  • Contoso-AD
  • Contoso-SQL
  • Contoso-Client
  • Contoso-SP2013
  • Contoso-SP2016
  • Contoso-SP2019
  • Contoso-Office
  • Contoso-Exchange
  1. Change the Contoso\VMD-Config.xml and add
  • Your Storage Accounts, Design is to put all the OS disks in one storage account and to distribute all SQL data disks accross four data storage accounts (for IOPS performance)
  • Add your demo environments Domain Admin Account including domain, user and password
  1. Run "Install-VMDPSModule" to install the PowerShell Module locally, for Azure Cloud Shell consider this article:
  2. Now use this Module to manage your demo environment, such as
  • New-VMDInstance to clone the complete environment into the same or different tenant or to download all VHD to further use it on Hyper-V (Yes, Hyper-V is also supported e.g. template on Azure, deploy on Azure and Hyper-V - spread your VMs...)
  • Start-VMD to start a defined set of VMs, in the correct order
  • Stop-VMD to stop them in the right order


My Blog and Podcast about SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure:



  • Fix: Azure CLI module Az-Profile is now Az-Accounts


  • Fix: Hyper-V SP2016 got created duplicate VM
  • Fix: Corrected readme examples
  • Fix: Hyper-V Windows 10 Hearbeat will return different value during creation/start
  • Fix: Hyper-V reduced output on disk and vm creation
  • Fix: Hyper-V AD VM will be stopped at the end now
  • Fix: Hyper-V Start issue
  • Fix: Hyper-V Set-Pagefile fixed
  • Fix: Hyper-V Switches UseDifferencingDisk and ConfigureMinimumRAM have been always used
  • New: Updated Pre-Req files folder (either run install-module AzureRM or run files from within the PreReq folder)

V3.8 - Release 2

  • New: Install-VMDPSModule supports switch -AzureStorageConfigXMLPath
  • New: Added documentation/help for Install-VMDPSModule.ps1


  • New: Well hard-coded vhd name of SharePoint 2019
  • New: Updated Azure Virtual Machines sizes to min 4x cores (from Standard_DS11_v2 to Standard_D4s_v3)
  • New: Changed Sizing von Contoso-Mail to Standard_A2m_v2 (double the RAM)
  • New: Hyper-V Support for SharePoint 2019 and Client
  • Fix: Changed the IP configuration within the VMs for Client and SP2019


  • New: Support for new VM SharePoint 2019
  • New: Support for new VM Client (idea, Windows 10 including Office, OneDrive for Business)
  • New: ADFS Support
  • Fix: Azure CLI supports now new module names like Az.Compute...
  • Fix: Encoding Error in VMDFunctions line 410 & 411 regarding credentials
  • Fix: Null the output of Azure Managed Disk Conversion
  • Fix: New-VMDPSModule specify VMD-Config.xml


  • New: Linux Cloud Shell Support and therefore Refactoring and new ContosoFunctions.ps1 and two releases of this module (Windows and Linux)
  • New: Changed cmdlet Reload-Contoso to Reset-VMDAuthentication (supported verb)


  • New: Store AzureRM Account into JSON file and load it


  • Fix: Switch -UseManagedDisks now uses correct VM Name (corrected variable)
  • Fix: Installing PowerShell Module will now be correct an place it in subfolder Contoso, create it if not exist


  • Fix: Hyper-V Start, check if VM already runs before waiting for nothing
  • New: Changed Storage Account to WestEurope (xml config)


  • New: Updated Azure Modules Import to make it Azure Cloud Shell compatible
  • Fix: Switch -UseManagedDisks corrected ResourceGroup variable name
  • Fix: Switch -UseManagedDisks stop-azurermvm now with -force (without prompt)


  • New: Support Hyper-V Differencing Disks using switch -UseDifferencingDisks while creation
  • New: Added detailed help for New-ContosoInstance
  • Fix: Some minor Fixes e.g. Azure by default
  • Fix: Default Azure now WestEU because source VHD files reside there
  • Fix: Default Azure for several commands
  • Changed: Source files now in WestUS, new Storage Accounts and Keys now from XML


  • New: Network Security Rule enabled by default (only RDP inbound)
  • New: Hyper-V Provisioning (Use
    1. New-ContosoInstance -downloadonly
    2. New-ContosoInstance -path ... )
  • New: Hyper-V Post Provisioning Tasks such as:
    1. Network Settings
    2. Pagefile Settings
    3. Start/Stop
  • New: Requires new Azure PowerShell (See PreReq)


If you have any ideas or would like to contribute, please feel free to add a GitHub Pull Request.