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install: go.sum
go get -v -t

.PHONY: build
build: install
go build -o sandy
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# Sandy

> A tiny sandbox to run untrusted code.
> A tiny sandbox to run untrusted code. 🏖️
This is a [WIP]. Bins and docs coming soon.
Sandy uses Ptrace to hook into READ syscalls, giving you the option to accept or deny syscalls before they are executed.

## Usage

Usage of ./sandy:
  sandy [FLAGS] command
    -h Print Usage.
    -n value
        A glob pattern for automatically blocking file reads.
    -y value
        A glob pattern for automatically allowing file reads.

## Use cases

1. You want to install anything

> sandy -n "/etc/password.txt" npm i sketchy-module
  BLOCKED READ on /sketchy-module

> sandy -n "/etc/password.txt" bash <(curl
  BLOCKED READ on /sketchy-module

1. You are interested in what file reads you favourite program makes.

Sure you could use strace, but it references file descriptors sandy makes the this much easier at a glance by printing the absolute path of the fd.

> sandy ls
Wanting to READ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [y/n]

1. You _don't_ want to buy your friends beer

A friend at work knows that you are security conscious and that you keep a `/free-beer.bounty` file in home directory. With the promise of a round of drinks and office wide humiliation Dave tries to trick you with a malicious script under the guise of being a helpful colleague.

You run there script with sandy and catch him red handed.

> sandy -n *.bounty bash ./
  BLOCKED READ on /free-beer.bounty

**NOTE**: It's definitely a better idea to encrypt all your sensitive data, sandy should probably only be used when that is inconvenient or impractical.

**NOTE**: I haven't made any effort for cross-x compatibility so it currently only works on linux. I'd happily accept patches to improve portability.

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