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Commits on Aug 31, 2011
@michaeljones michaeljones Merge pull request #43 from hobu/master
This implements a that was cribbed from sphinx's repository for breathe
Michael Jones Update contributors to acknowledge hobu
Thank you to hobu for the
Michael Jones Update version number to reflect some more changes
This is a pretty random choice but we're slowing improving and it has
been a while since 0.6!
Michael Jones Change package name: Breathe -> breathe
For no really good reason, just personal preference.
Commits on Sep 16, 2011
Michael Jones Add download and licence references to docs
Thanks to LDiracDelta for pointing out the need for this.
Michael Jones Updated docs version number to reflect latest tag
Forgotten previously.

Would be best to automate this somehow to look at the latest tag in the
git repos.
Michael Jones Add fixed font width example to help with bug fix
For issue #46.
Michael Jones Fix for refs inside markup tags
An issue was reported where a linked word inside a markup tag
(literal/fixed width font in this case) was not showing up.

The issue seems to be that the xml parsing doesn't look for "ref"
children of a "markup" tag so we add that to the derived class.

We also need to change the renderer to provide two ""'s to the node
constructor (I continue to fail to appreciate the subtleties of this) so
that the text gets through properly. Otherwise we have the serialisation
of the pending_xref node in the final doc instead of its contents.

Unfortunately, we don't get the link in the final output but at least we
get the text. I think the issue is with restructured text in general and
the nesting of roles but it might be worth investigating.
Michael Jones Improvement for node spacings
We have an issue that we generally want to ignore most of the
pretty-printing whitespace inside the doxygen xml instead of
rendering it. However some of the whitespace is significant.

Here we change from our system of ignoring all pure whitespace text
nodes to allowing through the ones that are a single whitespace. This
helps when there are multiple markup nodes next to each other which
should have a space between them but wouldn't otherwise. It doesn't
seem to introduce an erroneous formatting though a few double spaces in
the html which are squashed by the html engine. It is possible that
other output formats will be less forgiving but we'll deal with them
when we need to.
Michael Jones Updated nutshell example to specify use of breathe extension
In case it isn't immediately obvious.
Commits on Sep 18, 2011
Michael Jones Add reference to PyPI in the README 55fe67c
Commits on Oct 05, 2011
Michael Jones Stop using definition_lists for members as it break latex output
It is perhaps not flawed by itself but in conjunction with using
line_blocks to put the template declarations above the function
declarations, it breaks the latex build.

Here were replace the definition list "term" with a paragraph and the
"definition" with a blockquote to indent it. The result is almost the
same bar fractional indentation changes for the html and actually works
for the latex.
Michael Jones Update pseudorst to use current classes
It hasn't been updated in ages and so was broken and expecting to use
all kinds of classes that we've since moved on from.

It is still perhaps not performing perfectly but gets a bit closer.
Michael Jones Move indentation from child to parent for CompoundDefs
Previously the CompoundDef renderer was choosing to indent its own
output but really it should be the parent renderer that chooses to
indent the result of the child if that is suitable in the context.

This fixes the issue of some directives which directly access a
compounddef entry having indented output without any reason.
Michael Jones Remove indentation from the example where needed
... to squeeze our testsuite output through the latex pdf builder
without hitting the 6 level indentation maximum that is hard coded into

Annoying and needs a more formal solution to avoid situations where you
can't just manually reduce the indentation but it will do for the
Commits on Jan 15, 2012
@michaeljones michaeljones Add support for doxygen header-file & header-name on \class
We provide a ":show: header-file" option to the doxygenclass directive
which looks for the "includes" entry in the class' compounddef in the
doxygen xml and displays the header file for the class in a similar way
to how Doxygen displays it in the html.

Involves adding a renderer for the IncTypeSub type and more filters to
help determine when it is appropriate to use these.
@michaeljones michaeljones Made the header-file filter test more explicit
Previously we were applying it if any "show" option had been provided at
all, here we make sure it is spelt correctly to ensure good behaviour.
Commits on May 31, 2012
@michaeljones michaeljones Bump version number arbitrarily e3ec780
@michaeljones michaeljones Improve \par & parameterlist output
Previously we were outputting these section as a field list which looked
rather good but it adds complications, specifically as docutils
automatically adds a ":" (thought perhaps we can suppress that?) but
more importantly a look at the doxygen html output that they treat these
as definition lists which is much easier to handle.

So we switch over to definition lists and make the term bold as doxygen
does and otherwise try to make sure it matches the doxygen output quite
Commits on Jun 02, 2012
@michaeljones michaeljones Support display of arguments for #define macros
We use the same formatting code we have for the functions except we
check ahead as we don't want to put ()'s if there aren't any arguments.

We also change the argument generation to only insert a preceeding
separating space if there is something already in the list ahead of the
current item.
Commits on Jun 15, 2012
@hobu breathe/ a878566
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