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Equanemone is a three-dimensional LED display. This is a Processing project to control it. It uses PixelPusher to drive the LEDs.


  • Install Processing 2.2.1, NOT 3.x, from
  • Clone this repository in your Processing Sketchbook folder, e.g. ~/Documents/Processing/ on OSX
  • Sketch > Import Library > Add Library
    • install PixelPusher by Jas Strong and Matt Stone
    • install The MidiBus by Severin Smith
    • install Leap Motion for Processing by Darius Morawiec (NOT LeapMotion by Michael Heuer)
  • Download and install the toxiclibs collection from Extract all folders into your Processing libraries folder, which is inside the sketchbook folder.
  • Open the equanemone sketch, hit "Run", and you should see the 3D preview appear and start showing stuff!


Each plugin is a subclass of the EquanPlugin class and lives in its own file. Click the down-arrow button to the right of the file tab manager and choose New Tab to add a new file to the project. The file should have the same name of your plugin's class. The list of plugins currently used are defined by the Class[] plugins = { ... } declaration in the main equanemone file. Add your class name there, probably at the top of the list, to add it to the rotation.

EquanPlugin is an abstract class that sets up certain things every plugin needs. Your plugin class should all the EquanPlugin constructor and implement at least the draw() method. draw() is called when it's time for your plugin to draw another frame. You should draw on the canvas PGraphics object, named c. c is w pixels wide and h*d pixels tall, where w, h, and d are the width, height, and depth currently configured for the display.


A Processing project to drive a PixelPusher connected to pixel strips arranged in 3D space.






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