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A demo project of FreeRTOS with CubeMX running on a STM32F4 Discovery board. In this project STM32F4 interfacing with Gyroscope and USB

Structure of this project

  • F4-Gyro : Gyroscope with USB VCOM (USB-CDC)
  • F4-Gyro-RTOS: Converting Gyroscope with USB VCOM example to RTOS based

Steps to run this example


  1. A PC running Windows.
  2. A STM32F4Discovery board.
  3. Keil uVision5.
  4. USB Cable & other tools.

Install the toolchain

The Keil uVision5 for ARM can be downloaded from its website. It's available for only Windows. For personal and education purpose, you can use MDK-Lite version with Code size restricted to 32 Kbyte.

Install ST-Link utility


Grab the official utility from ST website. Note that you should install the USB driver before install the st-util.

Install STM32 Virtual COM Port Driver


Grab the official driver from ST website

Compile this example

Open *.uvprojx on MDK-ARM folder and press F7 button.


Connect your STM32F4Discovery with a USB cable. Press Ctrl + F5 Set breakpoint triggered at main function, and enjoy!