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MOTW Workshop: Boilerplate Project

This repository is the boilerplate project for "Musicking on the Web" workshop. The MOTW workshop 2015 will be hosted by Google Campus Seoul and be a part of Music 220A class at CCRMA at Stanford University.


Note that the installation of these prerequisites may require the system admin privileges.

Get the code

Run the command in the terminal. Be creative with your directory name:

git clone MY_DIR


Move into the project directory and run the command:


How to Get Started

Make sure you are in the project root directory before running the following commands.

  • Take a look around the workshop tutorials on the local tutorial server. Stop the server when you're ready to write your own code.
# start tutorial server
gulp tutorials
  • Then start up the development server and do your work. Any change in the app directory will trigger the refresh in the browser automatically.
# start development server
gulp app


Before deploying your project, be sure to create a GitHub repository.

  • Note that the git configuration MUST be changed to route the deployment to your remote target repository. You only have to do this once with your own USERNAME and MY_REPO.
# Change remote origin.
git remote set-url origin
  • Note that you have to build the application at least once to have the app directory ready.
# Build the application and commit/push to master.
git commit -am 'initial commit'
git push origin master
  • If you are ready to upload the content, deploy the app directory to gh-pages branch with the following command. You might have to type your credential in the process. If you're getting errors, consider change the name of your directory.
# Deploy site to gh-pages branch.
$ gulp deploy-app

To access the deployed site, open the URL in your browser. Make sure to change USERNAME and MY_REPO accordingly. For example, the deployed site of the current repository is


Copyright (c) 2015 Hongchan Choi. The MIT License.


Boilerplate project for MOTW Workshop 2015




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