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Web Audio API eXtension (1.0.0-alpha3)

NOTE: WAAX requires Web Audio API and Web Components.


WAAX offers a comprehensive framework for web-based music application. Its goal is to facilitate and support the development of web-based music software.

Feature Highlights

  • Fast - Built around native Web Audio API nodes.
  • Less code
    • Web Audio API helpers and utilities
    • Succint parameter control
    • Transport and event management (i.e. sequencer)
  • Modular and extensible
    • WAPL (Web Audio PLug-in): Plug-in for Web Audio API ecosystem
    • MUI (Musical User Interface): GUI for music apps
  • Robust workflow - Preconfigured with Bower and Gulp


The complete WAAX development setup requires the following software. Make sure they are installed with appropriate scope and permission.

Installation and Quick Start

If you have all the above installed, execute the following commands in the terminal to install and launch WAAX.

git clone waax
cd waax
npm install

Note that WAAX is pre-configured for the optimum development workflow. Type gulp in the terminal and then your web browser (Chrome by default) will open the project index page automatically.

What's Next?

Go to the project landing page and see what WAAX can do.

Change Log

  • 1.0.0-alpha3

    • Updated dependencies with latest version: Polymer, Gulp-related utilities.
    • mui-vkey polyphonic release issue solved.
    • WXS-1 monophonic legato behavior fixed.
    • New project landing page and API reference are online.
    • Using MUI package is significantly simplified.
    • bower_components are now part of MUI package, not WAAX.
    • License for sound resources is added.
  • 1.0.0-alpha2

    • Updated dependencies with latest version: Gulp, Polymer.
    • MUI elements updated for new version of Polymer.
    • Timebase code has been cleaned/refactored.
    • Updated README and the temporary landing page is removed.
    • MUI elements and test files are now compatible with FireFox/Safari.
    • Audio assets are converted to MP3.
    • [bug] WXS1 and FMK1 plug-ins produce distorted sound in FireFox.
    • [bug] Safari does not load the example with StereoDelay plug-in.
  • 1.0.0-alpha

    • First alpha version before stable release.
    • Dropped deprecated components from repository.
    • New plug-in builder introduced.
  • r17 (dev)

    • Last version of dev/experimental revision.

License and Contact

MIT License. Copyright 2011-2014 Hongchan Choi


NOTE: This project in not currently maintained.







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