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Android Client for ICB (Internet Citizen's Band) chat.

This is a really basic client. It's still a work in progress.

When you launch it, you need to choose the Preferences item from the menu and set your nick, group, and (optionally) a password. After that, just choose the "Connect" item from the menu to connect. To disconnect, choose the same menu item - it should have changed to read "Disconnect".

This runs as a single-instance on your Android. You can background it and it will stay connected, and you can bring it back to the front any time. If you try to launch a second instance, it'll just bring your current instance to the front.

The minimum requirement for running is Android 4.4.

I currently (as of 11/14/2017) use AndroidStudio 3.0 and Gradle 4.1 to build. It should build just fine on early versions of AndroidStudio and Gradle, but you may need to add buildToolsVersion '25.0.0' or similar to the app/build.gradle file.