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  • Add AMD support. (Issue #116)
  • Work around iOS issue with cancelled setTimeout timers by not using scroll throttling on touch devices. (Issue #120)
  • If defined, execute handler option passed to sticky shortcut at the end of the stuck/unstuck change. (Issue #123)


  • Lower default throttle values for scrollThrottle and resizeThrottle.
  • Fix Issue #104: Pixel offsets written as strings are interpreted as %s.
  • Fix Issue #100: Work around IE not firing scroll event on document shortening by forcing a scroll check on refresh calls.


  • Rewrite Waypoints in CoffeeScript.
  • Add Sticky and Infinite shortcut scripts.
  • Allow multiple Waypoints on each element. (Issue #40)
  • Allow horizontal scrolling Waypoints. (Issue #14)
  • API additions: (#69, 83, 88)
    • prev, next, above, below, left, right, extendFn, enable, disable
  • API subtractions:
    • remove
  • Remove custom 'waypoint.reached' jQuery Event from powering the trigger.
  • $.waypoints now returns object with vertical+horizontal properties and HTMLElement arrays instead of jQuery object (to preserve trigger order instead of jQuery's forced source order).
  • Add enabled option.


  • Actually fix the post-load bug in Issue #28 from v1.1.3.


  • Fix potential memory leak by unbinding events on empty context elements.


  • Make plugin compatible with Browserify/RequireJS. (Thanks @cjroebuck)


  • Add handler option to give alternate binding method.


  • Fix cases where waypoints are added post-load and should be triggered immediately.


  • Fixed error thrown by waypoints with triggerOnce option that were triggered via resize refresh.


  • Fixed bug in initialization where all offsets were being calculated as if set to 0 initially, causing unwarranted triggers during the subsequent refresh.
  • Added onlyOnScroll, an option for individual waypoints that disables triggers due to an offset refresh that crosses the current scroll point. (All credit to @knuton on this one.)


  • Moved the continuous option out of global settings and into the options object for individual waypoints.
  • Added the context option, which allows for using waypoints within any scrollable element, not just the window.


  • Moved scroll and resize handler bindings out of load. Should play nicer with async loaders like Head JS and LABjs.
  • Fixed a 1px off error when using certain % offsets.
  • Added unit tests.


  • Added $.waypoints('viewportHeight').
  • Fixed iOS bug (using the new viewportHeight method).
  • Added offset function alias: 'bottom-in-view'.


  • Initial release.
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