HTML5 editor powered wiki with drag and drop file upload and easy page creation
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Node Wiki

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This was formally a proof of concept of easily combing Aloha editor with a node backend to achieve a simple wiki. This project has now started to evolve into a decent wiki platform with tags, recent pages, autosaving and drag and drop file uploads.


Node-Wiki is designed to have no barriers for content editors. The main two wiki actions creating a new page and editing an existing page are dead simple.

Contrary to other wikis you simply type an URL and if the page does not exist, edit it and you have created a new page. Editing is as simple as clicking in the content area.


git clone
cd node-wiki
npm install

Then simply open http://localhost:3000 and edit the page. Or go to another url (e.g. http://localhost:3000/new-entry) and edit this page.


To configure NodeWiki to your needs you can create a production.js in the config folder and start it with NODE_ENV=production node app.js


  • port: The port for the internal HTTP server
  • locales:: Used locales are defined as array, e.g. ["en", "de"]. The first locale is the default language.
  • wikiLanguage:: Used for the text search to provide stemming support.
  • siteName:: The name of the wiki.
  • secret: The encryption key for cookies.
  • db.url: The URL to MongoDB mongodb://localhost/nodewiki
  • keepDeletedItemsPeriod: This is the time in milliseconds that deleted pages are kept, before they are completly wiped.

NodeWiki has sensible defaults and if you do not wish to override an option you do not have to mention it in your configuration. Just provide what you want to be different.

Text search

As search engine Mongodb 2.4 experimental text search is used. This feature has to be explicitly enabled as startup parameter textSearchEnabled=true or in the mongod.conf with setParameter = textSearchEnabled=true. If you do not have a MongoDB with text search or can not use it, please use the 0.1.x branch.


Currently NodeWiki supports English and German out of the box. If you want a new locale you can define it in the locales directory. NodeWiki uses the i18n-2 module. Therefore it uses a JSON formattet list of key value pairs.


see Documentation

NodeWiki Versioning

As of version 0.2 Node Wiki follows the same versioning concept as NodeJs. Odd numbers represent unstable versions, even numbers represent stable versions. The master branch represents the latest unstable version. As of this writing 0.2 is stable and 0.3 is unstable.


Fork the project and send me a pull request. As long as it is aligned with node-wikis philosophy it will be merged in.


As of version v0.4.0 a solid test base has been created. To run the tests you need to have mongod running, then fire up npm test.


Node Wiki uses browserify to modularize it's frontend. All frontend code is located in /frontend and is compiled into /public/javascripts/app.js. This is automatically done once if you start a server under production environment. If you start the dev server with ./dev, watchify is used to watch for changes and recompile when needed.

What to expect next?

Take a look at the issue list

Anything you are missing? File an issue or send a pull request.